SYSWIN SOLUTIONS Company is a software producer and vendor specializing in IoT (THE INTERNET OF THINGS), M2M remote communication management and control solutions (telemetry) for all types of slot machines and roulettes, including all reports required by law in Romania.
SmartCount System™ based on cutting-edge technology, it is offered for rent and sale, at competitive prices and payment conditions.
Client’s advantages:
• Fast, efficient and scalable installation/service in good time; We have 200 specialists all over the country, which can make installations simultaneously in dozens of locations. For example, an installation of our monitoring system for 800 slots in 200 locations was successfully completed in 7 days;
• We have achieved a solution to remotely update software modules (distribution server machine), saving interventions on site and disruption of players;
• We use a central server that connects directly to each game machine;
• Communication between the slot machine and the server can be done using one of the following: Ethernet, GPRS, Wi-Fi;
• Also we provide SAS splitter, where the SAS is occupied by other Jackpot systems. This way our customers can keep previously purchased Jackpot systems;
• Local and Global Jackpots independence of internet;
• Locking devices for mechanical slots, to block the machine after Jackpot Hit;


SmartCount System™ , integrates in a single application the components described below, which can be installed in any combination you want:

Through our proprietary solutions we manage the integration of complex monitoring for all known types of gaming machines, which allows us to offer full reports and statistics regarding the games (IN, OUT, BET, WIN, etc.), players, machines, Jackpot, events. All the information is available online, in real time, using any type of mobile device. It brings you remote access, reporting, controlling and real time alert management for slot machines, roulettes and other devices, through serial or digital communication. Its main function is to manage financial information and gather vital data from the slot floor, as well as to compile all data into one platform, which can be easily analyzed and monitored by casino managers.
• Daily (SIZ) and Monthly reports requires no mechanical meter reading;
• Customizable reports, exportable to XLS form of any type of information that can be retrieved (IN, OUT, BET, WIN, GAME)
• The system is adapted to all ma¬jor producers of gaming devices: Novomatic, IGT, EGT, Casino Technology, Atronic, Merkur Gaming, Alpha Street and so on;
• Real-time display for BET, CREDIT, played game name;

• The SMARTJACK can generate various types of JACKPOTS to make your slot floor even more attractive for players.
• Mystery, Local or Wide-area, the decision is completely yours! With Mystery Jackpot option you can create and simultaneously display up to 6 different jackpot levels.
• You can also combine any of these Jackpots with attractive HD 1080 (3D on demand) video animated themes and related Jackpot signs we can put at your disposal. You can link together (via Ethernet, WIFI or GPRS Network) hundreds of slots to create huge Jackpot prize-pools and higher hit frequency.

• It retrieves detailed information about player activity and game statistics offering a complex marketing functionality, including loyalty and bonus programs, which are set individually for each location.
• The number of bonus points, the moment when they are obtained (e.g. Happy Hours) and other predefined conditions are set in advance, to deter¬mine the bonus system. All that players have to do to benefit from this system is to insert their loyalty cards into the card reader at the beginning and the end of the game.
• The player account will thus accumulate points according to well-defined criteria, such as the value of the current bet. These points can be ex¬changed for various goods, services and even cash. VIP clients can be rewarded with other privileges as well.
Using this system, we provide a VALUABLE MARKETING TOOL, which analyses each individual player and also groups of players. It also facilities slot floor monitoring, enabling the casino operators to know precisely the value of each individual player they are dealing with.
Based on the established criteria players can receive Silver, Gold or Platinum card type.


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