Who says cards are only for people

Rick Caran, in Long Island, USA, is the owner of the world’s only poker playing dog.

Rick Caran, 68, coached his four-legged friend, Ruby, a Yorkie, to be able to play cards. Today, the wonder dog is travelling in all four corners and holds shows with his master, who is quite proud of his companion. Audience galore, as people are crowding to see what is going on.

Multi-skilled dog

You should not imagine that Ruby can think of strategies at the poker table. No, not even far. He only plays what his master is telling him to. Thus, Rick Caran asks Ruby to bring the playing cards, put them face up and get the betting money. Nothing more, but it is still considered playing poker, since he is already famous for being the only four-legged animal in the world to do this. ‚It is about some things that Ruby does automatically, some tricks that earn him rewards – a little piece of cheese for each one. I have to admit that long training hours are behind these unusual things that Ruby does, along with my other dogs’, the owner said. Ruby cannot only play poker but also the piano and performs various shows the children are mostly charmed with.

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