An original campaign of the gambling industry

Wishing to educate the public, especially the ones interested in gambling, but also trying to offer a realistic image of the industry, ROMSLOT – Slots Organizers Association, launched an original communication campaign. The campaign promotes the idea of individual responsibility and sends a clear message: gambling must be seen as a form of an entertainment and not as a source of profit.

During the campaign, called “Las Vegas Night Out”, ROMSLOT challenged four of the most visible bloggers in Romania to spend a few hours in a gaming hall and to describe on their blogs the whole experience they lived on this occasion.

The project is a premiere for the gambling industry in Romania, being the first to also involve blogging, the most dynamic international communication channel.

Alina Tanasă and Diana Enciu (, Cosmin Tudoran ( and Toma Nicolau (, bloggers with tens of thousands of readers and followers on Social Media between them, were the ones who stepped in a gaming hall belonging to one of the ROMSLOT members and had fun just like they would have in the most well-known gambling destination in the world: Las Vegas.

This experience stripped away a series of myths and showed them what gambling truly means, offering them a realistic image of the activity, an image that reached the whole country through their blogs.
Everything happened under the incentive of responsible game, considering the fact that ROMSLOT, as an EUROMAT member, launched a series of commitments of the slot – machines industry, which assures the integration of social responsibility in the activity of its members, being the most powerful communicator and gambling responsibility projects initiator of the slot industry. Together with Romanian Bookmakers, ROMSLOT supports the only programme which offers real help for players who might be facing problems. More information about the project “Responsible Game” (“Joc responsabil”) can be found on the dedicated website (

Alina and Diana mentioned on their blog: “It’s funny how we all dream about Las Vegas and crave to have fun far away over the ocean when we can have lots of fun here, without having to fly for 18 hours.”
“When Romslot (they are the Slots Organizers Association) called us and proposed to experience one of their members’ gaming places we were a little reserved. We have to admit that we were not familiar at all with the idea and we didn’t know what to answer to their challenge. But as we like to try new things and decide after if it’s good or not, we said yes. Spontaneous! As we always are! If we like it?! Yes?! If it’s addictive? No ( but it’s different from any other things we have tried before). We felt like in a roller coaster. The atmosphere is amazing. It’s like Las Vegas for real! And during this experience we realized that if we don’t go to Las Vegas, Las Vegas can come to us.”, the two bloggers continued. You can find on their blog,, the experience lived in a gaming hall, along with some advice for the ones who also want to experience this type of entertainment.

Cosmin Tudoran, known by the public not only because of his successful blog, but also for his musical career in the band Cassa Loco, said: “You should take note that gambling must be seen only as an entertainment means, not as a source of profit. Which is exactly what the ROMSLOT members are promoting: a responsible game. In the end, it is a place where you can enjoy yourself, and, why not, also win something.” He also approached the issues regarding this industry and talked about the “Responsible Game” programme, the most powerful project of this type in Romania, supported by Romslot and Romanian Bookmakers. The entire article can be read on

Making of: The four bloggers taking a chance in one of the gaming halls owned by a ROMSLOT member

Brief and conclusive is the message transmitted by the fourth blogger who accepted the ROMSLOT invitation, Toma Nicolau: “Las Vegas is where you want it to be, no matter the hour or the stake. Rely on this, have fun and see what you can do to leave the gaming hall better than when you arrived. Luck is only the mind-set with which you break bad luck.” You can read the whole article on

Through the campaign, ROMSLOT wanted to reach a numerous audience and to promote responsible gaming. “Las Vegas Night Out” is part of a series of projects created by ROMSLOT in order to promote a realistic and correct image of the slot – machines industry.

Since its establishment, ROMSLOT has run different projects with the purpose of correctly informing key opinion leaders and political decision makers, but also changing and improving the perception of the industry. The efforts were also directed towards mass-media representatives, the association being the first voice of the gambling market who initiated information campaigns for them. Moreover, ROMSLOT has supported and launched exclusive market studies which have dissolved unreal numbers about the industry and offered a clear and correct image on it.

Also, at the end of last year, ROMSLOT won the Silver Award for Excellence prize at the Romanian PR Award Gala, within the “Communication for the administration of crisis, risks and opportunities” category. The event is known as the most prestigious competition of the communication industry in Romania. The distinction represents the appreciation of the most well-known international PR specialists for the efforts the association makes.


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