During November, Rombet attended the WrB Eastern Europe, an event organized by Clarion Events in Warsaw. The conference brought together renowned personalities from the world of gambling and hosted a panel dedicated to our country called “Market opportunities in the flourishing Romanian sector: A year post regulation”.
Rommbet vice president, Mister Dan Iliovici, moderated the session which had, amongst its guests, Mrs Odeta Nestor, president of ONJN. “More than a year since Romania is able to pride itself with the new regulations in the gambling area, it looks like the changes, good changes – we have to say- that our country made with the purpose of viable development of the field, have drawn the attention of other European states. Their interest is making us happy and the invitation which our association receivedto moderate the panel dedicated to Romania-speaks for itself about the significant role which Rombet plays on the local market”, said Mr Dan Alexandru Ghita , president of Rombet.
The panel moderated by the Rombet vice president was attended by local and international operators, gambling associations as well as representatives of the regulating bodies. The talks had as purpose to showcase why our country became one of the most attractive gambling markets in Eastern Europe, that is why among those present there were also possible investors interested in Romania.
The interest which the international operators and the connected service providers have shown towards Romania was obvious because of the number of questions and answers which made the session dedicated to our country very energetic and interesting.
The conclusions drawn referred to the fact that a good legislation framework is a vital factor for the attractiveness which the Romanian Gambling market has for the foreign investors. At the other end, there are countries such as Poland where changing the law is delayed and the black market which exceeds 90% is a discouraging factor for those who intend to develop gambling businesses in this country”, commented Rombet vice president Dan Iliovici. The presence of Mrs Odeta Nestor, president of ONJN, contributed to the success of the panel dedicated to Romania. She was the only representative of a regulatory body present at the conference in the Polish capital.
The long list of questions the ONJN president answered came after a very interesting presentation which approached major interest topics for those attending.
The transparency of the licensing procedure in Romania, the level of taxation, the lack of excessive bureaucracy, all these ideas have been discussed after Mrs Odeta Nestor’s speech. She also mentioned and underlined the fact that between 2015-2016, the period was on significant rise for the gambling industry in Romania.
Moreover, the good communication between gambling operators and ONJN was underlined, both during the process of elaborating he new legislation as well as afterwards, during the Consulting Council. The 463 licensed operators, together with 11 permanent licenses for virtual environment and 5 temporary, contribute to the positive image which the gambling industry in Romania enjoys at European level, its stability, balance and development perspectives being undeniable advantages.

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”More than one year after the opening of the Romanian market, the guests at the panel have met to discuss about the current situation of the market and how it was influenced by the new regulations. It was a heated talk which will be for sure remembered as one f the most important moments of the conference ~, concluded Mrs Ewa Bakun, Head of Content-Totally Gaming, about the session dedicated to Romania at WrB Eastern European, which was moderated by Mr. Dan Iliovici, vice president of Rombet.


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