After the success of PokerFest in organizing the Israeli Poker Championship stage, the live tournament Romanian operator announced the remaining schedule of events for the springs-summer season 2017.
The phase which has just completed was conducted from March 29th to April 2nd in the huge dome WTC at the Pullman hotel in the capital, and again the hall was too small for the Romanian game appetite, together with more than 200 Israeli players who attended the event. The main event of the evening had a price of 550 euros and had 650 entries, an excellent number which keeps the successful trend of Romanian live poker. The champion of the main event was appropriate to the standard of the event.
Tudor Purice is a very well-known name in the arena of Romanian live and online tournaments, with remarkable results: more than $ 300,000 in live arena, moreover, $ 3,000,000 online under the alias “a.S.e High”, which registered a mammoth score: 395 640 $ on PokerStars during a tournament in the SCOOP 2015 series. He won the IPC and 47.500 euro in style, starting the final day of play with 10 blinds, managed to rebuild his stack only in the last six and then winning the tournament in a relaxed manner.

During the festival, PokerFest also announced details of the next stages. The first will be in Iasi, this April even: from 19th to 23rd, the PokerFest caravan will deal the cards in the city of origin of the last two PokerFest champions, Cristian Murgoci and Tudor Purice, in the Poker Arena club. The main event will cost 330 euros but, thanks to the collaboration between the operator with the online Unibet room, the players can qualify online for packages of 450 euros (of which 120 euros is spending money) for amounts starting from just a few euros. After the stage in Iasi, PokerFest returns to the capital, between May 17th and 21st, at the All-In Poker Club, also with a 330 Euro Main Event. The last stage of the first half of 2017 will take place abroad between June 8th and 12th , but very convenient for Romanian players: Bulgarian resort Golden Sands. Stage one will be also named Israeli Poker Championship and the Main Event buy-in will return to the standard 550 euros, which everybody is accustomed to at PokerFest.

“The lack of conditions on the Romanian seaside has led us, with all due regret, to move locations of holiday festivals abroad,” explains Sorin Constantinescu, CEO of PokerFest. “Most poker players are very demanding when it comes to accommodation and game conditions provided and PokerFest wants to live up to the rigors of comfort required. We chose Golden Sands because it combines proximity to Romania with a set of conditions way above what was provided for us in the past in Mamaia or Costinesti. Poker is a constant generator of tourism. Unfortunately, Romania still needs a lot done in terms of hospitality”. To conclude: April 19th to 23rd in Iasi, Bucharest May 17th to 21st and June 8th to 12 th in Golden Sands – these are the three dates and locations which you need to make room for in your calendar if you like live poker.

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