Land-based Live Casino at Palace Casino – Casa Vernescu

By Andreea Ion – Marketing&PR Manager

Happy New Year! May 2020 be the year for all readers of Casino Life and Business Magazine as they wish!

We are in a continuous development and the Palace Casino Team is reinventing itself every time the gambling market demands it. December was, as always, one of the most eventful and action-packed.
On December 14, next to Santa, over 400 people – the maximum capacity of the casino location, celebrated in advance the arrival of Christmas. Guaranteed prizes, as well as entertainment moments, were not lacking. We would like to thank the collaborators from Jidvei, who have been our partners for all the events organized by us. Their wonderful team of people is recognized nationally and internationally, with new awards for wine selections. Certainly behind awards, recognitions, a lot of teamwork comes. We’ve known them for a long time, and we’re proud to be with them. As their slogan says: “the first place is only the first step”.
The events held in the casino have always had the structure of 3 main components: the prizes to the players, the moments of entertainment addressed to all, and the partners.

The record number of participants, growing from one event to another, helps us better understand what strategy to apply. For those who know the location, as well as those in the industry, it is known that the Palace is small compared to the type of casinos in Europe. The huge taxes do not allow us to have a very large number of tables (14 game tables), the first remark of foreign players coming for the first time to Romania being the one related to size. More than this the games available are those tailored to the local requirement, of course based on the actual number of tables. Thus, although it does not seem like a fantastic number, 400 people for us is far beyond the maximum playing capacity!
A bold action of the year 2019, but which was extremely well received by the customers, was the one related to the introduction in the Food area of the “a la carte” Menu, which we modify at least 4 months, so that we can keep taking into account the seasonality of the different culinary preparations. We look forward to trying the new menu offered by our chef, Vincenzo Liberti.
With the completion of the promotion on December 14, we decided that from that night we will continue with a new campaign, considering that the year 2020 brings 25 years of Palace Casino brand. Specifically, 25 years ago, the PALACE CASINO brand was born here at Casa Vernescu. Although there was a period of time when the casino did not work, this brand is and will be the legacy of the house. The type of activity is currently focused on the casino side, given the law by which any customer who passes the Reception must be registered, and of course major. Thus, the project of Casa Vernescu Restaurant was replaced by shifting the attention to the services offered strictly to the players.
The event on April 4, created in the form of a 25th Anniversary of the appearance of the Palace Casino brand, will have the highest prizes so far, and a special, complex entertainment program, structured on the needs of casino customers: the possibility concentration at the gaming tables, interest for moments of maximum 10 minutes each, and the existence of a dedicated area.
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