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Over 1,300 participants registered at The New Normal international online forum on May 25 dedicated to the most “fashionable” concepts in the market economy.

The first edition of the international forum The New Normal dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and cyber security was a major success, with over 1,300 participants, namely 1,336, over 1,100 being present since the beginning of the first panel.

The program of the event was scheduled to take place over three panels, each panel discussing a separate topic, as follows:
– panel 1 – Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain as Part of The New Normal
– panel 2 – Innovative vs. Conventional methods in Payments and Digital Marketing – Why You Should Use Both to Succeed? / Powered by Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.
– panel 3 – The Importance of Cyber ​​Security in The New Normal

We would like to thank all those who made this successful event possible, the speakers and moderators, the partners, the host of the studio, but especially the participants who chose to be present in large number at this first edition!

We look forward to seeing you at our next events, online, physical or hybrid events!

The host of the live broadcast studio was Palace Casino Casa Vernescu in Bucharest.

The partners of the event were:

Gold partner: ROMBET association
Silver partner: DGL PRO
Supporters: Smart Games and Grisogono.
Media partner:

You can read about the international forum The New Normal HERE.

The full registration of the debates within the forum is posted on the existing Casino Life & Business Magazine TV channel on YouTube, a TV channel that you can subscribe to quickly and easily even from here…

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