We want the NEWTON system to meet operational requirements and customer expectations and that is why we apply the best practices in development, installation, configuration and maintenance.
Standards are imposed by law, by the industry and there are our own standards – the highest, that are guiding us. We are always one step ahead because we want a strong business that evolves.

We accustomed our partners with quality products and services and we are proud to announce that NEWTON system was audited by GLI lab consistent with all legal requirements and ONJN’s Order no. 48 of March 8, 2016 on the procedures to fulfill the conditions of connecting the slot machines and betting traditional game.
GLI Gaming Laboratories International is an international audit lab that tests and certifies products and services in the gaming industry. With an activity of over 25 years in which they tested more than 1,700,000 products, GLI is the world leader in this field, covering both land-based activities and iGaming.
The recent legislative changes came with specific demands that all organizers are required to connect their slot-machines to a centralized system, unique to the organizer, certified and audited annually and among them are:
-art. 15, paragraph (2), lit.
f) of GEO 77/2009
-art. 78 of GD 111/2016
-art. 84 of GD 111/2016
-art. 150 of GD 111/2016
-Order no. 48/2016

Articles 78 and 84 of GD 111/2016 establishes the general framework of connection to a centralized computer system connected to ONJN and by Order 48/2016 is explicitly detailed the correct way in which the collected data will be transmitted to ONJN.
Also, according to Annex 6 index a) of GD 111/2016, to obtain the class A license to conduct gambling activities, the operators are required to submit to Oversight Committee “evidence of centralized information system / certification, if necessary, according to the Order of the president ONJN “. Penalties for non-compliance with the aforementioned provisions is fine between 25.000-50.000 lei and depending on the gravity can be imposed the measure of suspending the authorizations to operate up to six months for each slot machine or for all slot machines, as reflected in art. 151 of GD 111/2016.

Is the organizer’s duty to comply with legal requirements and to make sure that equipment and services suppliers respect them in their turn.
When it comes to partnering with NEWTON SLOTS you can rely on efficient and certified products and services, so you will work without the pressure of any sanctions for centralized computer system that you are using. In other words, we take care that the operators do not concern themselves with such matters, they have a business to protect and obtaining the GLI audit is very important for both parties.

We believe that it is time for operators to move from “good” to “excellent”; without progress, their business could be damaged and may be left behind by those who know how to seize the opportunity to try something different and to reinvent.
As operators, you must find new ways to maintain activity “fresh” and exciting for players and we have the solution for you – the centralized audited system NEWTON: attract new customers, promote the campaigns from your locations and create a professional image.

We raise the bar in performance by developing new procedures that will help us in the future to increase service and efficiency. We are proud of our achievements and the certification obtained that demonstrates commitment to quality.

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