NEWTON SLOTS takes the management system notion to another level and the company’s goal is to create a new, different and exciting image for the NEWTON system.
The position he already has on the Romanian market is excellent and is mainly due to the quality of the products and services he provides to the organizers; the industry already knows and trusts the NEWTON system.
The management system is not just a legal obligation, if it’s used at his true value it becomes a true marketing tool and also a great way to reach each player. The system provides clear and precise information that can draw the directions of the operational department for better planning.
The NEWTON system grew with the partners that are currently using it; the solutions have been developed in a flexible and modular way so that they can be implemented by each organizer according to needs, desires and momentum. They can build and develop the business based on the system at the right time for everyone.
The modules offered by NEWTON are as follows:
Monitoring – a complete record of activity from locations that can generate specific reports required by law or customized reports on each type of game and each available operation; reports that can be exported and saved having all the statistics at a click away.
Jackpot – Jackpot system compatible with any type of slot machine that can be controlled from any device with active internet connection.
It can display up to 6 jackpot levels at the same time and offers a wide range of jackpots that can be set up. This module has been developed over time and the form it has reached now is a very complex one, giving the user a lot of conditions that can be set.
Player Tracking and Bonusing – one of the most powerful functions of the management system. The system was developed with the desire to offer operators the solution to attract and retain players, but especially to maximize business profitability.

Variants are available for this module:
• Classic Player Tracking: available with classic card reader.
• Player Tracking with LCD and Smartwatch: the premium version available with contactless reader card.

The Player Tracking System with LCD & Smartwatch developed by NEWTON SLOTS will bring you closer to the customer. The module gives the player the feeling that he’s important to you regardless of the amount they play and that you want the services you offer to be quick and complete.

TITO – is a way to ensure your position on the market and to provide your players the best gaming services and experiences. The TITO system contributes to the increase of activity; according to statistics 2 out of 3 issued tickets are reintroduced into the slot machines, resulting in an increase in turnover and the feedback from clients is a positive one. Moreover, your staff can focus on “customer care” and marketing, having more time to provide players with important information about location services and promotional campaigns.
Besides the complexity of the management system we have also focused on the development of auxiliary products and among them we recall:
Infopoint / Infotouch – is the auxiliary product that has been the most successful in our offer, being also one of the most outstanding terminals on the Romanian market. Not only the quality of the product itself is remarkable, but also his functionality, providing players the opportunity to permanently check their loyalty points, so they can make calculations for their use in various promotions or activities offered by the operator.
Cash dispenser – we know the organizers’ difficulties encountered in finding dedicated, trustworthy staff with responsible behavior towards the workplace; not least are cases where employees violate their obligations and are guilty of missing amounts in cash desk. In this situation the cash dispenser is the ideal solution; customers can receive cash-outs in complete confidentiality through the cash dispenser and staff access to money is restricted, avoiding the risk of fraud.
Automatic Tombola system – is the component that can be integrated into the Bonusing module, allowing players to receive tombola tickets automatically, printed directly into the drawing box.
Introducing the automated tombola system you will considerably reduce the time lost by employees providing tickets to players and this feature will make it easier for customers to take part in the promotional campaigns you make, giving them more confidence and bringing added value to your company.