Videoclipuri noi pe canalul TV Casino Life & Business Magazine

From the very first shows posted on Casino Life & Business Magazine YouTube there could be noticed a great interest from the viewers, and the number of the subscribers is in a constant organic growth.

The series, already traditional, namely Saturday Interview and Game Tutorials have been enjoyed and are still very successful being watched by hundreds of viewers.
However, with the conclusion of the first edition of the Metropolitan Opera Festival, we started posting the videos with the songs performed by the event’s soloists, all being recordings from the concert.
Although a significant number of industry representatives are on vacation, we still do the Saturday Interview, but we have launched the new series of celebrity interviews.
At the same time, we started posting new original series, series that permanently arouse the public’s interest such as Chef’s Secrets, a very popular series made together with Chef Enzo from Palace Casino Casa Vernescu.
If Saturday’s Interview intends to have as guests real and popular but important personalities of the gambling industry in Romania and beyond, people whose expertise is recognized locally or internationally and whose opinion matters on the gambling market but also in its complementary markets, the other videos that are part of our channel on Youtube are meant to be a simple way of entertaining with some educational aims or just films that urge on tourism and hiking through lesser known areas of Romania as well and from other countries.

Of course we will not stop here and continue with us on the TV channel, series that, we are convinced will be very pleasant and useful to those who will watch them.
In parallel we continue the series of posts on Instagram, social-media channel in a continuous development also in our country.
So continue to follow us on all social-media communication channels, whether they are traditional ones like Facebook, Twitter or Linked In or the newest and „trendy” ones like Instagram and Youtube, to keep up to date with the latest events and film series.
We await your opinions about these series or suggestions for the TV channel at the editorial The best suggestions will be a big surprise at the annual Casino Life & Business Magazine Awards Gala, which will take place, as usual, in December.