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New format, congratulations as a premiere and a new audience record, this is how you can briefly write the history of the 6th edition of the annual marketing forum.

Marketing in Gambling Forum 2021, at its 6th annual edition, marked a lot of awards, some of which were less expected by the organizers.

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The new format of discussions and debates, entitled by us Ping-Pong Talks considering that the mini panel has no moderator or speaker but only discussion partners who pass ideas from one to another, was very appreciated by the participants, as proof congratulatory messages received to the editorial office. A premiere for organizers, especially in organizing online events.

Another proof of the success of the new format is the fact that the maximum number of participants, the so-called Golden Minute, was reached during the first session Ping-Pong Talks, dedicated to the profile of the player in which Andrei Frimescu had as a discussion partner on Miruna Moanta, Psychologist in the responsible gambling program.

The large number of followers was kept also at the second session of Ping-Pong Talks where the protagonists were Andrei Frimescu and Bogdan Coman.

Thus Casino Life & Business Magazine achieved a new success and the 2,532 participants registered in the Golden Minute became a new audience record for the online events organized.

Marketing partners in the Gambling Forum were:

Main Partner: Game World, ROMBET, Palace Casino
Supporter: DGL PRO, Smart Games, GRISOGONO
Media partner:,,,

format nou

We would like to thank all those who contributed to this new success, the technical staff, the studio hosts, the main partners, the supporters and media partners, moderators and speakers and, especially, the followers, those who always fill our hearts with joy through their participation!

The full program of the 6th edition of Marketing in Gambling Forum is HERE.

The entire event can be watched right from here…

You can see the events organized by Casino Life & Business Magazine HERE.

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