Autoritatea pentru jocuri din Malta Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) urges silence on coronavirus pandemic and is reminding its licensees that the current pandemic could be causing distress to players.

The Gaming Authority highlighted its Commercial Communications Regulations that demand levels of social responsibility. “Any direct or indirect reference to Covid-19 or any related circumstance would be considered to amount to a breach of this regulation.”

The Gaming Authority is urging licensees to pass the message on to affiliates and make sure that their brands are not being promoted in an unethical and socially irresponsible manner.

As it is well known the Republic of Malta formed after an archipelago in southern Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, located about 80 Kilometers from Italy, is one of the best gambling country with a very good law in the field, being from this point of view a true paradise of gambling of all kinds.

About the Malta Gaming Authority you can read more HERE.

More about the negative effects of the current coronavirus pandemic on global gambling market you can read HERE.

Real and official details, up-to-date on the current status of coronavirus outbreaks in the world, can be found on the web site of the World Health Organization.

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