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Major success on all levels registered by the Gala of the Grand Awards of the Gambling Industry in Romania.

Held online for the first time, the 14th edition of the Grand Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry Gala was a major success on all levels.

Today, at Sunday Readings, we talk about the exceptional success of the 2020 Gala of the Grand Awards of the Gambling Industry.

Vedete ale muzicii Music stars

Major success of the Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala

The large number of people who watched the online edition of the Gala, the varied and successful program, the special music, the verve of the presenters of the evening, but also the spontaneity and sincerity of the winners who went live with the support of partners equaled, making the 14th edition of the Grand Prix of the Gambling Industry in Romania a benchmark in the field.

Over 4,900 people attended the event online on all broadcast channels used: platform, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, with over 1,550 followers in the golden minute.
And the count of those watching the gala continues.
Although at the end of the broadcast the number of those who had seen the Gala on Facebook was 2,300 people, in the next two days their number reached over 3,000 and is still growing and the number of those who found out about the event exceeded 10,000.

Succes major al Galei Marilor Premii Major success

The fact that the organiser, Casino Life & Business Magazine found, in a particularly difficult year for everyone, both the financial resources, not to be neglected, and the technical ways of conducting online events, guided by the famous saying The Show Must Go On! proved, once again, that it is the only magazine that matters in the field of gambling in our country and throughout the region, thus honouring “Best Gambling Industry Magazine” Award, received in November this year.

Cea mai bună revistă a industriei The best magazine

The two events organised online – Marketing in Gambling Forum and the Industry Grand Awards Gala – the only events this year of the gambling industry in Romania were just a preamble to the series of events that will continue next year.
These events joined the series of events broadcast on the Casino Life & Business Magazine TV channel on Youtube, series entitled Interviews or Club Casino, series much appreciated by subscribers and viewers of this social media channel.

The appreciation of the series of shows, measured in their real audience and reflected in the large number of views, shows us that what we do is, in fact, what needs to be done and the large number of viewers of online events prove the professionalism of our magazine.

Given that in these times when many have downsized, Casino Life & Business Magazine has done exactly the opposite and intensified its efforts, it shows that our magazine is particularly involved and interested in what is happening in this industry, without falsehood, but with a clear desire to help with viable solutions or state-of-the-art information to support the over 44,000 people who represent this field of activity.

Partners of the Gala were:
Host of the broadcast – Game Word Bucharest Mall

We would like to thank to all those who were involved in this major project, partners and supporters, our hosts, the team of technicians, the artists whose musical pieces made the atmosphere more pleasant, the two presenters, but especially you, the readers. who voted and who watched, in very large numbers, the show of this Gala live on the media channels we broadcast!

You can read HERE about the winners of this year’s Gala of the Grand Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry.