Mahala Rai Banda

Mahala Rai Banda will perform a super Balkanic Show at the Grand Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry Gala.

As every year, Casino Life & Business Magazine offers the participants of the Gala evening of the Grand Awards of the Gambling Industry in Romania a unique, original and complete artistic show, different from the previous editions.
This year’s edition, the 17th, will witness an exceptional super show performed by the band Mahala Rai Banda.

Known throughout the world for their style, Mahala Rai Banda will provide the artistic support of the Gala of the Grand Awards of the Gambling Industry in Romania, through a full super show entitled Balkanic Show.

Mahala Rai Banda is a band of Roma musicians whose foundations were laid by Aurel Ioniţă. The band tackles a number of musical styles and genres, violins and accordions being combined with brass. The band’s music is positioned between traditional fiddle music and club music, the so-called Balkan Beats.
Ever since the release of their debut album, Mahala Rai Banda’s reputation has continued to grow internationally. The group played more than 800 concerts in over 30 countries, at important festivals, but also in famous concert halls and clubs in EUROPE, USA, LATIN AMERICA, AFRICA, ASIA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.
The song “Mahalageasca” was included on the soundtrack of the movie “Borat”, as well as in other film productions and in various advertising spots such as CLANUL SPRANCEANA, ANIMAT PLANET, STATE DE ROMANIA, HAKER, C.E.C, MASTER CARD-EURO CARD, ALTEX / BLACK FRIDAY, etc…
Their first album ranked third on the World Music Charts Europe 2004. They are appreciated and considered to be the pioneers of the phenomenon – ELECTIRC GIPSY LAND. Some songs of Mahala Rai Banda have been remixed or reinterpreted by Nouvelle Vague, Felix B (of Basement Jaxx), Balkan Beat Box, DJ Click, Russ Jones, Shantel and many others.
Mahala Rai Banda released in 2009 the 2nd album “Ghetto Blasters” at the Berlin record label Asphalt Tango, specialized in gypsy music. A good opportunity for the columnist from Independent to welcome the appearance of the new album ranked second in the World Music Charts Europe 2009.: “The excellent Romanian gypsy music was reborn leaving two villages: Clejani, which sent Taraful Haiducilor into the world and the village of Zece Prăjini, where the Ciocârlia brass band originated. Mahala Rai Banda is a fusion between the two villages, with wonderful trumpet riffs, saxophone, trombone and wild voices”.
The band released an album with party music in 2010 – at the production house ‘OVO MUSIC’ with the well-known light music performer MONICA ANGHEL.
The album ‘LACRIMA DE JAR’ includes 14 songs, some of them old folk songs, including “Flore verde matostat”, “Piatră, piatra” and “Pe ulița armeneasca”, but also new songs, composed by Ionel Tudor and Temistocle Popa. Also, the music for three of the album’s songs is signed by the violinist Aurel Ioniţă, the founder of Mahala Rai Banda, who signs, along with Ionel Tudor, the orchestral arrangements. The first collaboration between Monica Anghel and Mahala Rai Banda, the well-known fiddle song “Chi bori” can also be found on this album.

America’s music magazine PopMatters chose the CD “GHETTO BLASTERS” by the band MAHALA RAI BANDA as “BEST WORLD MUSIC OF THE YEAR 2009”. Mahala Rai Banda & their World Oddyssey Mix December 13th on BBC.

Aurel Ioniță

“We will put on a super show like never before, so we expect as many of you as possible to participate in the Grand Awards Gala”, Aurel Ioniță, the leader of the band, told us.

The most important socializing event in the gambling industry in our country, the Grand Awards Gala of the Gambling Industry, an event that takes place every year without a break, has reached its 17th edition.
The event will take place on December 14, starting at 19:00 in the luxurious halls of the Magic Place event center in the Crângași neighborhood of Bucharest, and the host, as usual, will be Codruț Kegheș aka Dezbrăcatu’.

The 2022 Gambling Industry Awards Gala Film is right here…

Nominations are open until November 10 at midnight.

Pragmatic Play is an Associate Partner of this 17th edition, thus opening the list of supporters of this most important social event in the gaming industry in Romania.
Thus, this year’s edition, the 17th, is called the “Gala of the Grand Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry, sponsored by Pragmatic Play”.

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