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Macau to reopen borders and to accept applications from foreign nationals who wish to enter the city as of December 1, at Sunday Readings.

Step by stem the biggest gambling hub in the world is recovering from the lockdown and the life is coming back to normal.

This is the subject that we propose for Sunday Readings this week.

Macau to reopen borders to foreigners

Macau to reopen borders

The government has announced it will begin to accept applications from foreign nationals who wish to enter the city as of December 1.

The borders will not reopen for everyone, and not for tourism purposes.

The government said in an executive order that foreign visitors serving public interest will be allowed to apply to enter, “particularly those relating to disease prevention and control, and emergency rescue.”

The Government will also accept applications from mainland China from people who have been there in the 14 days before arrival.

However, the visitors must meet the following requirements:
– Being a spouse or child of a Macau resident;
– Be registered with the authorities as a non-resident worker, or hold a permit to enter Macau for work purposes, or be a family member of such a worker;
– Be a student registered at a higher education institution in Macau;
– Plan to visit Macau for an important business event, or academic or professional activities.

The Government has the final decision on whether or not to grant approval to any applications and has committed to making a decision within 15 days of applications being received.

Residents from mainland China have been allowed into Macau through the individual visit scheme (IVS) since late September.

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) just said that operators in Macau took MOP7.27bn (US$910m) in gross gaming revenue from games of fortune in October.

That represents a 72.5 per cent drop compared to the same month in 2019. It’s the first time since April that the year-on-year loss was under 90 per cent, and the least severe decline since January when revenues were only 11.3 per cent below the previous year.

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