La Boule (‚The Ball’) is a gambling game that enjoys a great success with both online playing and in the live casinos. This game originates in the well-known roulette.

During the first decades last century, the casinos in France came up with the idea of a game called ‚Little Horses’. Unfortunately, the lack of an efficient playing system led it into oblivion quite soon.
Later, an official in the gambling industry decided to replace the ‚Little Horses’ with a simpler variant for the roulette fans – thus invented ‚La Boule’ in 1923. This is a more simplified roulette game, which was greatly favored by the players in the France casinos and took over the arenas in Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and many others.

Easy to play

Even though La Boule is very much alike with the roulette, it is simpler and easier to play. Those trying their hand at this game will not be confused in betting on columns, dozens, streets, corners, splits or neighbors. The Boule players place bets only on the nine numbers and not on 38 or 37 like in the American or European roulette. The bets, obviously lower, are made on even and odd numbers, high or low and on colors – red or black. With the numbers from 1 to 9, double rows, the bets on 5 are similar with the ones on 0 in the traditional roulette. Consequently, the yellow color will correspond to it, as neuter – the bets on red or black, low or high, even or odd are lost should the winning number is 5. The main difference between the two related games, La Boule and the classic rouletts consists in the minimum betting amount, i.e. smaller for La Boule. Plus, the dealer is not allowed to place the players’ bets. The straight up bet is paid seven times your initial bet, in case the player has guessed the winning number. The bets on low or high, red or black, even or odd are paid 1:1.

Betting strategies

As in any other gambling game, La Boule has numerous betting strategies. One of them is negative progression. Here, the player has to double his bet whenever he loses – after a winning round, he will recover all the money he betted and make a small profit. In the ‚The Grand Martingale’ system, risk reaches a maximum value, as it is supposed to add another amount to the double bet, after each loss. Piquemouche applies the progression, but on the 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 4-4-4- system. The same amount is betted, three times in a row, followed by a bet doubling. Another system, called Paroli stipulates the bet doubling after each win and setting a winning amount from which the initial betting is started over. The betting pyramidal system involves the bet increasing after each loss and bet lowering after each win. This betting method follows a principle where ‚the higher the betting, the better chances to win.’ As for the Alembert strategy, the player bets only during a game sequence, hoping for a series of winning numbers.

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