Kate Chambers

Kate Chambers, who has driven the development of the Clarion Gaming portfolio of world-leading brands, has confirmed that she will be taking up a new more defined role as both the gambling industry and the events sector address the fall-out caused by Covid-19.

In an e-mail announcement sent to international gambling industry stakeholders, Kate Chambers explained: “After spending over a decade in my current post I am transitioning into a new role with Clarion Gaming.

“The role will have a sharp focus on land-based gambling and in particular I will be looking at how the team at Clarion can best serve our loyal and dedicated customers in a sector that has taken the brunt of the fall-out from Covid-19.

“This will involve cementing the many key partnerships that we have established, forming new collaborative relationships and exploring the creation of new brands and properties to assist the land-based segment of Clarion’s international stakeholder community.”

“Clearly, this represents a change of focus for me personally but one that provides specific and significant challenges that I am looking forward to, not least as the industry prepares for the return of ICE London in June 2021.”

Earlier this month Clarion Gaming postponed for the second time the most important gambling show from 2021 – ICE London due to the negative effect that covid-19 pandemic is having over the entire international economic environment.

Our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine is the only media partner from Romania for ICE London since manny years ago.

More details about Clarion Gaming you can read HERE.