From the shabby streets of Lagos to the fulminating success in Europe

In the past two years, in Romania, the name Admiral C4C has come to be loved and respected, especially by the fans of club music. Managed by the famous agent Radu Groza, the Nigerian singer managed to come in the public eye with authority not only in our country, but also around the world, by his simple, direct style and, naturally, with his rhythmic, lively hits, accompanied by incendiary shows.

Known by his stage name Admiral C4C, Ihumezie Christian Nnadozie is a Nigerian singer very loved in Europe, now, also, in vogue in Romania! His music, based mainly on electronic rhythms, a dancehall in his own version, makes him stand out among artists through a particular and lively style, and makes him a true representative of the modern era.
Born on 3 June, the artist comes from a family of high level in which the intellectual side prevailed. His father was initially a naval officer, enrolled in the Navy, but after a while, after some health problems, he turned to journalism, being co-opted immediately for the “Daily Times” in Nigeria, a remarkable national publication, with a strong impact in West Africa.

Unfortunately, when everything seemed perfect in his family, life took a terrible turn for Admiral. He was only nine years old when his parent died following a serious car accident, and his mother, British- born, decided to move to England. He remained alone, without help, only with a tutor who tried to replace those who had given life to him, but without giving the love a child needed. Maybe this is why, at only 11 years old, the little Admiral chose his own way… with music.

“My story is a sad one. I was alone in the world since an early age, without parents, only with a person who took care of me. He did not offer me much love, so when I grew a little, I chose the best way for me, to take care of myself. I started singing, composing, writing lyrics that conveyed my feelings at that time. For that matter, in my music, one may capture the pain that I felt when I was little, lack of affection, love of a brother or sister, because everyone was spread all over the world, in a word, I wanted to describe through art the story of my adverse destiny”, told Admiral C4C, whose lyrics were inspired by the streets of Lagos and the influence of his idol Bob Marley gave them consistency.
Faster than expected, the music that he promoted immediately reached people’s souls, and his name was already on the lips of all young people in Africa, despite the fact that he was just a kid.

“The strong voice and his ability to compose on any instrument, with a fusion of Patua and English, which are types of slang English spoken by Jamaicans and Nigerians, plus an unimaginable energy, make Admiral C4C unique. A complete artist, who gives you a good feeling when you listen to him and determine you to be positive.
You can never be otherwise at a concert of his”, said Radu Groza, when he agreed to manage him in 2013.
He launched himself in music in Nigeria, but he went to Cyprus to study… international tourism.

In 2000, Admiral C4C recorded his first single, “Show Me Love” with his first band – Kanaan KNGHTZ, in which his brother, Emanuel Ihumezie, was a member. In 2001, he went ahead and released his first album “P.S 101” as an independent artist, one very loved by the public. Moreover, the album was sold in 500,000 units and was followed by several singles and music videos that rocked the radio and local television stations in Africa and his fulminating rise was as a promotion of local artists for the international music market.
Surprisingly, Admiral C4C wanted something else besides music. Although it was on fire and people loved him madly in Nigeria, the singer took an important decision for him … he went to Cyprus to continue his studies.
“I lacked too much in the teenage years because of financial instability and lack of orientation, because I did not have parents, so I decided to move to Europe and become an educated man, to progress, not one to settle for only what music offered. I was aware that my youth vigor would not last forever and a time would come when I would not be able to play concerts, in my style, with much dance, as I was doing, and then I would need something to support me. I thought that appropriate formal education and learning would be a big advantage for me then. And so… contrary to all forecasts, I chose to attend management courses at the “American University” in Nicosia and get my degree in tourism. It was the wisest thing I had ever done, even though for a while I had to take care of me not of my music”, revealed Admiral C4C.

Since 2013, the artist from Nigeria won awards after awards.
Attracted like a magnet by art, Admiral C4C could not give up his first love (music), passion that he developed further in Cyprus. He continued to compose, the days when he was free, and when he graduated, he entered even stronger in the showbiz industry in Europe.
She returned to the musical circuit in 2010 and he managed to be in vogue on the old continent and particularly in countries where dancehall style made a hit.
“A diamond hard” as the media characterized him immediately, and the fans have increased rapidly. Liked by the ladies and with a unique vocal style, Admiral C4C was immediately nominated for “Best International Project” Award BEFTA, in the United Kingdom, in 2010 and 2013, and then he had artistic success. He won the title of “Best reggae and dancehall singer”, at the Nigeria Music Awards, and in countries such as Spain and Portugal, he took first place in specialized tops.
Also, in 2013, he received a multiple award for the “Best song dancehall reggae” and the “Best dancehall reggae artist” at Merit Awards (ADMA) Amsterdam and since then his life has changed completely.

In Romania, his life changed completely

With over 70 songs recorded and 400 songs written, Admiral C4C arrived in Romania, and under the magic wand of the famous agent Radu Groza, the artist had notable success with the song “Boom, bang”. In 2014, he launched another amazing hit “OMG”, which gathered one million views on YouTube and over four million views on the China website Yokou.

The success of the song got him the nomination to the “Best New Act” at the important artistic event “Mamaia Music Awards”. It was just a first step, because, soon, the single “Drop the Boom” had from the very beginning two million views on YouTube and numerous airplays in several countries in Europe and beyond.
In 2015, he went on several tournaments in the UK and had over 130 concerts in Eastern Europe, that is why, there was no surprise when he started to receive musical distinctions “Best Media Act” to “Mamaia Music Awards” in 2015 and 2016, the “Best African Artist”, trophy awarded to the Dutch Music Awards, the same title at “ADA Romania 2016 Bucharest” or “Romania Honorary Award”. The Nigerian’s career continued with a new song in collaboration with the famous Jamaican singer, Nyanda, former member of the band “Brick & Lace” one of the most important bands in the world. The song “Outta Control” went straight into the Top Ten America and was a awarded at the famous “Music Awards in Miami”.

In addition, two months ago, at the inaugural edition of the Awards Africans in the Diaspora, Romania in 2016, at a special gala, in which ambassadors from 11 African countries and representatives of international media participated, the singer received a prize of honor for the musical work performed in our country. Generous, in turn, he also offered 10,000 EUR for humanitarian purposes, for helpless people in Nigeria, and promised to be actively involved in other projects to support his countrymen.


In love with a Romanian

Beyond the stage, Admiral C4C has a beautiful family life. Attracted by Romania, the artist could not leave this country, especially as a beautiful woman, Ana Maria, from Cluj, won his heart irreparably. Strangely, he met the young lady a few years ago at a disco in Cyprus, where she was a member of a dance band, on the mioritical lands, as everyone probably would have expected. It was love at first sight that continued beautifully, although initially no one even gave them a chance. Three years ago, a child was born, the boy Zion, and soon, wedding bells will ring. A story like in the cheesy Hollywood movies, with happy ending

His hobbies, casino and expensive jewelry

Besides his musical talent, Admiral C4C likes to collect special jewelry, with an impressive collection, which includes a gorgeous diamond ring of 18 Karate. A special passion for gambling.
Often, the Nigerian cross the thresholds of casinos is Bucharest or Las Vegas to demonstrate his ability to roulette and especially blackjack. “I like to relax in such places. It is a pleasure that I indulge in my free moments when I do not have concerts and I want to spend time in my style. I do not exaggerate, but when I’m lucky, I win and I enjoy this, as everyone else. There were still days when I lost money, but no more than 3,000 EUR, money that then I recovered from my shows! I’m an amateur, but balanced, again, I do not play to win, but for fun”, said the artist, who also seems to impress in this chapter.


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