Illegal websites

Illegal websites identified by the police in Macau but were unable to take action against all of them.

The Macau government’s Policy Address 2021 confirms 97 websites related to illicit gambling or fraud were taken down during the first eight months of the year.

Macau’s police identified 125 websites but were unable to take legal action against all of them.

The document says that police handled 256 “gaming-related” crime cases, which represents a decline of 81.8 per cent year-on-year. But Covid-19 restrictions might explain the decrease.

In 2019, 254 Illegal websites were identified and 177 were blocked. Wong Sio Chak, the city’s Secretary for Security said during a Legislative Assembly in April that this was mainly through direct communication with overseas hosting companies rather than via formal judicial cooperation.

The Policy Address 2021 said security forces would do spot checks in casinos and crack-down on illicit money exchanges, “tip hustling” and prostitution.
The overall direction of public policy for 2021 would cover: epidemic prevention and control; revitalising the economy; caring for people’s livelihoods; promoting economic diversification; facilitating reform; and pursuing innovative development.
2021 Policy Address: Normalise epidemic-control and expedite economic recovery.

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