GALAXY LAND THEME PARK, invested by Golden Horse and DASIN, has already opened successfully on June 28th in Zhongshan.

Deng Zhiyi, Chairman of Golden Horse, Ye Weitang, President of ZGAA(Zhongshan Game & Amusement Association), Lu Xuefeng, Chairman of Unis and so on attended the opening ceremony.
At site, many VIP guests and visitors crowded there and wanted to experience this thrilled trip for the first time.

GALAXY LAND THEME PARK is an amusement park with recreation, shopping and dining. The total area for the park is 40,000 sq.m. consisted of the two different centers–Gangwan Area and Yunduan Area. A total of 18 sets of high – tech, mechanical and electrical amusement equipment there.

It’s the first innovative theme park combined with commerce in amusement industry in China and will become a modern mark with sightseeing, shopping and eating complex in Zhongshan City.

One of the biggest difference between GALAXY LAND THEME PARK and other theme parks is that tourists can experience self – service travels. Tourists can freely choose amusement equipment according to their own preferences.
GALAXY LAND THEME PARK also open at night which people can have more freedom play inside the park. In other words, visitors can arrange their own time, any time during its business hours.

China International Games & Amusement Fair 2015 (G & A 2015) will take place between October 22nd-24th, 2015 at Zhongshan Convention Center, China.

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