For almost 18 years that have passed since the opening of the first Game World arcade in Romania, the company continues to provide its customers with quality entertainment in an elegant ambience.
Perhaps more than ever, the last period was characterized by an effervescence of creativity in organizing events, parties and promotions branded by Game World, both in terms of diversity of themes as well as of moments of entertainment and involvement of the whole Game World team in providing all participants with moments of fun and good humor.

Thus, the Game World arcades have become authentic landmarks on the map of leisure entertainment options in Bucharest, Constanța, Cluj, Alba Iulia, Sibiu and Brașov.
Imagined as a mix always surprising of attractions as diverse as possible, the Game World events combine creative and harmonious music, live performances, dance and performances given by artists, with sets and expressive costumes with appetizing culinary specialties and with a fine selection of drinks and delicious cocktails.

Whether they celebrate major events such as National Days, Christmas or New Year, whether associated with other festive occasions such as March 8, Valentine’s or Halloween or whether they are simply imagined starting from the preferences of the participants, parties under Game World brand are the best opportunities for all present to feel lucky and have fun as well.

As a result, each of the Game World arcades is a true destination of fun for all customers who appreciate especially the intense good mood, the atmosphere always different, the fresh spirit of each event and the pleasant surprises that you discover with every new edition.
With the promise that is always looking for spectacular ideas for promotions, parties and events to come in 2017 and with the certainty that the Elegance of Fortune is a strong guarantee for quality entertainment, the Game World team has a simple message to convey to everybody: „We invite you all to Have Fun!”


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