The most important fashion festival in eastern Europe has closed its gates.

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For five days, Sibiu was the place in the eastern Europe to ‚tell the time’ in the fashion world. Catwalk presentations were featured, flowing all the time, attended by personalities coming from the world fashion cities – classical or innovating collections, concerts and parties made the seventh edition of Feeric Fashion Days the best so far.

‚ I believe that Feeric Fashion Days is the most creative fashion week I have ever seen, mainly because they use a variety of original locations, which are extremely spectacular,’ confessed Valeria Mangania during Feeric Gala. She is the vice-president for Alta Roma, the largest social event and most influential fashion festival in Italy.

During those days, some of the best Romanian and foreign designers presented their new collections in imaginative places – the quarry in Turnu Rosu, boats, on the lake of the Open Air Museum Astra, downtown Sibiu, Pasajul Scarilor (footway ramp), Imparatul Romanilor Hotel, Huet Square and even in the fountain in Mare Square, in the Brukenthal and History Museums, the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig, on the airport carousel, among fruits and vegetables in Cibin Plaza or in Boromir factory.

The last day of the festival scheduled three individual presentations. Anca Stanila, a Sibiu designer, has introduced at Brukenthal Palace in Avrig her latest collection of marine inspiration, where blue color was predominant. Under the name of Ocean Blue, the collection was shown on the footpath that links Brukenthal Palace with the Orangery (summer house), in a truly fairy-like ambience.

Iris Serban amazed everyone with her collection, presented on the old stone bridge over Cibin. ‚It is a quick collection and my inspiration was the Louis brocade brought into our time. We have used overlappings of materials, brocade, leather, pants with a lower crutch, insertions of very wide embroideries on corsets that mark the body out. It is a collection for elegant and brave women,’ says Iris Serban about her collection.

From Sweden, Yvette Hass came to Sibiu, in the backyard of the History Museum, in order to present her latest clothing line. The models walked through the museum yard, towards the balcony taking to the thesaurus room, to show a collection dominated by white and black. ‚Yvette is quite modern, innovative, a technology-prone person – I really liked the combination between leather and metal,’ says Valeria Mangani about the Swedish collection.

The seventh edition of Feeric Fashion Days ended on the suspended catwalk in Mica Square. The gala evening debuted with a concert by Anca Marginean & Magic Band and finished with eight fashion presentations. The catwalk hosted the collections signed by Paula Paduroiu, Cristina Dan, Georgiana Nicolaescu – Giuka, Guban, Bojana Dolamic, La Mode Toujours, Ana Maria Sut and Adina Buzatu. ‚The people in Sibiu are wonderful, beautiful, warm hearted, it makes me want to come here. I came straight from Florence and was thinking, ‚God, if I lose my flight, I will walk up to here,’ said Adina Buzatu at the end of Feeric Gala.

Feeric Fashion Days takes place between 17 and 22 of June. The event is organized by Mitichi Foundation and co-financed by the local Council of Sibiu via the City Hall of Sibiu and supported by the County Council of Sibiu.

Main partners to the event were Boromir, Kessler, Buonavista and our publication was a media partner, as it has since the first editions.
Our media partnership with the Sibiu event was an opportunity for Game World that advertised for the local gaming room in the fliers generously distributed along with our publication to the audience.

Moreover, our publication coordinated the presentation during the most important evening of the festival, for the footwear manufacturer Guban.


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