We had a strong focus on innovation in the last year and on enriching our solutions with new elements that make the gaming activity easier to manage and more transparent.

We maintain a continuous dialogue with our customers, so we take our inspiration from their daily challenges and requests. Starting this year, SmartCount integrates complex monitoring and reporting of all known gaming devices with player tracking, loyalty, bonus and Jackpot programs, offering full remote control over the business. SmartCount is the only secured interconnection solution according to ONJN norms suitable for all serial connection devices, including Hot Spot Clasic (Admiral black board) and for digital connection devices as well.

SmartCount’s News & Advantages, Our Dedicated Solution for the Gaming Industry
SmartCount ensures real-time visibility and transparency and is capable to automatically generate and archive SIZ and SIL reports. Moreover, it performs PayOut remote control to validate the payments directly within the system, without the need of physical presence at the gaming premises. Smart-Count supports customer loyalty with easy to configure Happy Hour programs and many loyalty mechanisms that can be set either to certain prizes or budget.
It also offers operators the ability to configure Rain Jackpots and global, regional or local Jackpots with up to 6 levels and displaying them on screens in the desired combination.


Another important solution advantage is the completely remote update that maintains all locations up and running
and offers rapid access to the latest software versions.
This is one of the reasons for having the lowest maintenance cost. We also provide our customers with the SAS Splitter, the only solution 100% functional that connects two different communication or Jackpot systems to a single SAS port.

Company News
We moved into a new office building following our team’s natural growth and we attracted people with an outstanding potential, among which gold medal inventors, awarded at international competitions.
We have very ambitious plans, including the development of the Innovative Platform for Versatile M2M Applications (PRIAMM) within the European project we won for stimulating research, development and innovation. The platform will support specific M2M and IoT communication systems for various industries where automation and remote control are essential: vending, flow metering, tracking, entertainment, process monitoring or ticketing.
It is a new important mission for us and a project that stimulates our capacity for self-improvement and for exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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