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By Andreea Ion – Marketing & PR Manager

For this article we decided to let the pictures speak. We have a lot to say, so much happened that we are waiting for the next edition to tell them a lot. Until then, Palace Casino is preparing for the biggest event of the year. On the 18th of May, starting at 17.00, you are all invited to spend a great anniversary and the inauguration of new game areas. In the images you will find the new VIP salon, where the services will, according to expectations, meet the highest standards.
A new slot machine slot game was also created. And where could a landscaped than former grand Vernescu House Restaurant? So, on the ground floor, the impressive room has become the most generous Palace dedicated to slot games. And a gaming room located inside a live casino must be fitted with terminals connected to the live roulette. With the 5 Alfa Steet posts, Palace Casino is the first gambler on this gaming market. Since April 1, Palace Slots has a much wider variety of devices, a mix of games combined with a bonus system offered by Newton’s partner. More pictures of our location can be viewed in the Newton editors’ edition of this issue.
The entire ground floor of the Palace has been reconfigured so as to offer even more pleasant experience to our clients. Intimacy is one of the wishes of any casino player. Whether live casino or slots, experience is the most important customer retention factor. A new VIP salon has been created by the team of architects in the immediate vicinity of the entrance so that customers who want privacy right from their arrival to the location will have it. A grandiose salon with a special architecture and a story of a Palace where each room is a destination and a … story itself.

Another new feature, dedicated to improving the quality of the experience, is the new game tables, much more spacious and easier to use for dealers as well as for customers. A larger playing area, an intimacy for those who want to play more people at the table. Layout design (game area) combines customer information – additional bets, bonuses and other new promotions – with the pleasant experience of chromatic and sensory material.
We are all waiting for you to discover the news and we are sure to wait for you on 18 May with partners and so many gifts and surprises for all Palace Casino customers. You want to be aware of everything that’s happening in the Palace World, then it’s very simple. Like on our Facebook Palace at Casa Vernescu page at and you will find the latest news every day. Do you want to visit us? We guarantee you the most important thing in Bucharest – Calea Victoriei! A Free of Charge parking place at any time of day or night J.
Sincerely, The Palace Casino team wishes you Happy Easter!

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