The largest gaming hall in Transylvania:
Opened earlier this year, BONUS QOSMO is the largest gaming hall in Transylvania and the largest in the BONUS network. It stretches over 1,000 m2 in the center of which we placed the bar as a meeting place to feel the atmosphere but also for one of the key elements we pursue, namely socialization. The project from the very beginning is an atypical one for the gambling market because the perspectives are greatly broadened in the direction of the experience that any player can enjoy.

We wanted from the project stage to take the BONUS experience to the next level and for that we chose one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Brasov is the place where BONUS QOSMO is located, right in the center of the country in the newest and most beautiful area urban development developed in recent years, more precisely on Zaharia Stancu Street, no. 4 inside Qosmo Hotel. We have a huge degree of accessibility and an ease that is so hard to find in an increasingly hectic and focused world to reach the destination without wasting time.

Ever since we made the decision to start this project, we have made the decision to make BONUS QOSMO synonymous with GO WILD. This GO WILD, which was chosen for the launch campaign, has as its main purpose the transposition of the experiences of any person who steps on our doorstep in another world compared to everyday life. We know how important it is to be able to escape from the daily routine and to do that BONUS QOSMO emphasizes three emblematic elements in our approach, namely: environment, facilities and communication.
Each item is specially chosen to deliver to any guest a premium experience they have never encountered before. From the first step on the carpet to the exploration of each area of the location, the elements are chosen to stimulate a sensation.

We have chosen a central position for the bar where we encourage an open social experience and in the restaurant area we can offer a more private social experience at the same high quality standard.
The greatest satisfaction for us comes from the fact that we have managed and continue to manage to obtain amazement and admiration from customers, collaborators and partners because BONUS QOSMO manages to uniquely combine an imposing posture but also the warmth and comfort that we all look so much for every opportunity.
Our priority remains in the area of constant development of the GO WILD concept through which we manage to constantly refine and improve the customer experience, especially in exploring the unknown by offering a new adventure or experience every day.
The main goal of this project through which BONUS QOSMO wants us to become synonymous with GO WILD is to succeed in creating a meeting environment for experiences and sensations and customers who step on our doorstep to be able to use this environment for their own satisfaction they can bear fruit in whatever way they think they can enjoy.

Promotional campaign – GO WILD
The promotional part is a tradition for us as a company where we have always chosen to offer a mix of campaigns designed and prepared especially for the preferences of customers in each location we manage. BONUS QOSMO has the most complete mix of awards able to give chance and enthusiasm to any customer segment, but today we want to tell you about the campaign we started recently, namely a race from April to September to find a lucky winner of of a BMW 330 car. This race is scheduled to offer fun, prizes and unforgettable experiences every week for a period of 6 months where the chances, experiences and events offered rise and exceed the standard we have set.
We chose an interactive recipe where the hope of winning is based on luck and the possibility of luck appearing in the way of any participant is high.

Unusual experiences:
The first unusual event for a game room organized at BONUS QOSMO was the debut party of the pilot Octavian Ciovică in this year’s season of the National Coastal Speed Championship. It was a party with over 200 guests who were able to wish good luck and hold Octavian’s fists for this season in a spectacular setting but at the same time different from a classic party. The partnership we started with Octavian is the first in a series that we are preparing to support initiatives and people with great ambitions in succeeding in completing projects that benefit primarily the community. We had fun, we drank, we ate and we managed to enjoy quality time around a car launch like never seen before in Brasov and we are glad that we managed to offer a part of the GO WILD experience.

Here we have a young and enthusiastic team of employees who have gained experience in other locations in the BONUS network. A team that united very quickly around this new project and that managed to form an important nucleus for the mentality that we aim to implement at BONUS QOSMO. We want to offer all our employees a fair, comfortable environment that will challenge them to develop professionally because the human quality and the way we manage to interact with customers are emblematic values in the company’s history.
We design through these values that we have adopted since the first day of operation and we are delighted when we see that each person contributes to the constant improvement for which we work.

Open invitation:
On this occasion, we launch the invitation open to anyone who wants to taste the experience we work on every day. The coffee, the quality, the good mood as well as the other elements are always from the house.

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