Guarantees in the couple of events are substantial:
RPS tournament will have at least 100,000 euros in prize money and Grand 300 will guarantee 100,000 euros for the Main Event and 50,000 for the rest of the tournament.

September is the month when the holidays end, everybody returns home and so it begins a new year of work. Poker recovers from its numbness ,the promotions and festivals begin and the players come back to the card-rooms with fresh appetite to play.
For those who can not wait to look at the two cards that they love so much when they play No Limit Hold’em and to try their luck in a live series with big prizes and lots of action- both in the country as well as in the Capital- the Romanian poker clubs have prepared a series of two festivals which combine during two weeks of non-stop poker.
It is a “marriage” between two successful brands: Romanian Poker Series and Grand 300. Romanian Poker Series is a poker tournament at a national scale, cheap but with a “fat” guarantee to offer that will start on august 29th and will and on September 7.
Here’s how things will unfold: The start-day is multiple, between August 29 and September 4 and will take place in about 8 cities in Romania. For 150 euros, anyone will be able to play in the immediate vicinity, the initial phase of the competition, in one or more of the days of the start of their choice.
The start-day will last until 15 percent of the original players remain.
The remaining 15% will be placed on the paid places and, from the amount they are going to collect, they will receive, at the end of the start day, 150 euros – part of the prize they deserve.
Those qualified will go to Day 2 in the capital, where they will play further, starting with 1,000 / 2,000 blinds ante 300, for another 3 days, for the title. Finals will be played on September 7.
Grand 300 is a festival of the brand PokerFest, with a wellknown schedule by the regulars of the circuit: a 330 Euro Main Event preceded by cheap super-satellites and accompanied by a generous and versatile series of side-events.
The start of the series 300 will overlap the finals of the Romanian Poker Series. RPS will end on September 7 with the final table and Grand 300 will run from September 5th to 11 so that everyone who will play Day 2 of the RPS will be able to embark on the Grand 300 series.
Guarantees in this couple of events are substantial: RPS tournament will have at least 100,000 euros in prize money and Grand 300 will guarantee 100,000 during the Main Event and another 50,000 for the rest of the tournament.
So, a total of a quarter of a million euro in prizes will be handed over at the crossroads between Romanian summer and autumn.
Organizers will work, as was mentioned before, along with about eight poker clubs in the country for day 1 of RPS, but leave the door open to any other club yet unaffiliated to the project to join this national scale event… or, who knows, soon , international.

For those who read diagonally, here’s a summary: August 29th to September 11, Romanian Poker Series and Grand 300, € 250,000 guaranteed, start in 8 cities with the core action thrill in the capital, where a ton of tournaments to suit all budgets will take place, but not only that.
Wild cash games will also take place, as usual around big tournament series.


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