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Interview with Adrian Sasu, General Manager of Alezzi Yacht

The Romanian coast is changing, the beaches are being redefined, the parties are changing their coordinates from land to water. The Black Sea becomes the new Eastern European entertainment center by launching the ready-to-party mega-boat, Alezzi Yacht.

When did the idea for this yacht come about and how long did it take for the idea to become a reality?
The idea started three years ago and it took 2 and a half years before the yacht arrived in North Mamaia, more precisely in November 2020.

How is the entertainment space designed and what kind of relaxation is there on this yacht?
The yacht has three decks and has a capacity of 850 seats at the tables. Each deck is designed to provide both relaxation and fun. The design of the first deck is an exclusive one for those who want a luxurious and retro ambiance. The second deck is a minimalist one, surrounded by the latest club technologies, designed for those who love nightlife. The third and last bridge opens new horizons for the feeling of freedom and emotion created by a floating festival. It is also the most beloved bridge for those eager for photographic memories, placed directly on Facebook and Instagram.


What does the profile of those who have stepped on Alezzi so far look like? Is it an expensive way to spend your free time? About how much does an individual who rides a yacht spend?
Our customers are mostly open people to discover the novelty. We are not necessarily talking about millionaires here, it is not the case. I say this because an experience on the Alezzi Yacht is not as expensive as our imagination would have us believe. The access on the yacht is 200 lei for almost 5 hours of sailing and the consumption, food and drink will be paid separately according to everyone’s wishes. On average, a client consumes between 400 and 700 lei.

Have you set out to attract foreign tourists to these organized parties? I saw that you set up a Bucharest – Alezzi airline. Is it already functional? How did the people of Bucharest greet her? Or have you thought of it precisely for foreign citizens who would first choose Otopeni as their destination?
We certainly want to attract foreign tourists for this reason we are working on a project with TAROM, for a line for the citizens of Dubai, to whom we offer a complete package of Alezzi Yacht experience. They will soon benefit from the return flight from Dubai to Constanța, accommodation on the Romanian coast and access by yacht. We hope that through this action other tourists from Europe, and not only choose to come and spend time with us. In the future, we intend to open other flights from the big cities of Romania.

How do you see the parties on Alezzi in 5 years? What do you plan to implement new in the future?
It is quite difficult for me to answer such a question, because I do not find time for the thousands of requests during this period. I will probably be able to think about what we will do in 5 years in December.

What innovative technologies have been used on the ship? There was talk of thermosystems and special paints, everything was thought of as if the yacht was designed from the start for the party destination?
It is absolutely correct. The yacht was designed and manufactured for parties. It has all the technology needed to provide customers with an unforgettable experience in maximum safety.

How far from the shore has Alezzi gone so far?
From the shore, we are generally about a mile away, about 1-2 km. Our route starts from Dana 9 Midia Navodari to the Casino in Constanța, along the Black Sea coast. During the cruise, our clients can admire the new residential area of Mamaia Nord, Mamaia resort and then the city of Constanța.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome until the launch of Alezzi?
This project itself is a challenge, which I believe we can cope with.

adrian sasu

What new projects is the businessman Adrian Sasu preparing?
Any project that can add something good to our country is definitely of interest to me.

A thought for the readers of our magazine?
I convey to the readers of this magazine that the most beautiful and successful photos are taken on the Alezzi Yacht. You’re welcomed on board!

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