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Addresses for those interested in attending the proceedings of the 8th edition of the annual conference Exact Time in Gambling.

For those who registered for the conference Exact Time in Gambling, the first event with physical participation in the gambling industry in Romania after more than a year and a half, the address of the venue is:

– using WAZE application: Magic Place Events Grant Crângași, Intrarea Ciurel no. 25-28 (behind the eMag store).

For those who have decided to watch the event on the internet, the free participation address is:

Exact Time in Gambling Conference

The event will take place on September 14, starting at 10:00AM EEST (Romanian time) in the Paris hall of the Magic Place Events Grant complex in Crângași, Bucharest.

The conference, as always, is an introduction to the latest legislative issues, but also a good moment to discuss and debate the problems facing Romanian gambling industry.

At the same time, given the latest events organized by Casino Life & Business Magazine and broadcast on the Internet, we believe that the online audience will exceed 2,000 participants.

The official language of the conference is Romanian, but English translation is available (only for those present at the venue).

Additional details on 0722 222 971

Conference partners are:
Platinum Partner: VALMAND
Gold Partners: ROMBET and ROMSLOT
Silver Partners: Entertainment Arena Expo and DGL PRO
Bronze partners: Smart Games and GRISOGONO

Media partners: and

Organizer: Casino Life & Business Magazine

You can access previous editions HERE.

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