Oana Style Salon gave vouchers to the winners of the Women in Gambling gala

We have successfully completed the first edition of the Women in Gambling gala and, among our collaborators, Oana Roman was invited, a remarkable figure in hairstyling. The association between the Casino life and women’s beauty is thus implied. The gala participants received, besides the industry prizes, 10 invitations from Oana Roman as vouchers to her parlor, Oana Style.
Oana Roman is responsible for the look of several local stars, but she is famous for the hairstyles she creates for the catwalk, which can be considered real masterpieces.

I know you have been a name for almost 10 years in the Pipera area, what is the key to your success?
I am characterized by flair and ambition, I am serious and a perfectionist, and, most importantly, I put passion into everything I do, and this makes everything turn out perfectly. This is my second home, I take care of it personally, trying all the time to bring the latest in treatments, haircuts and colors trends. I consider myself lucky to have had this chance in life to practice the job I love!

I have seen the Junior space right next to Oana Style, is this your project as well?
Yes, I love children very much and it is good for me to work with them, I think they are the most sincere of all and they give me a lot of energy.
Junior is my professional “child”. I am a mother and I work with women every day. I wanted all our customers to be relaxed in our parlor and I knew that one of their daily worries is watching their little ones. Therefore, 6 months ago I managed to open the little ones’ parlor “Junior”. You need a lot of experience and patience to work with children, and this is why I added to all the services a chocolate egg as a gift.

What other plans do you have with for your business, do you plan to extend it or to change anything about the parlor?
A future project is to open a parlor for Muslim women. Throughout my experience I noticed the differences in the approach with customers of different nationalities, and, because I always wanted Oana Style to be an innovative concept, I am studying and working on starting the Muslim Beauty project. Here, the customers will be treated the same way as in their country of origin, observing all the customs of the Muslim culture in the field of beauty and wellbeing. But, in order to perfectly and fully understand this concept, you are invited to the official opening…

I can say you are one of the most tonic and positive people I know. Always calm, nice and always in your parlor.
Oana Style is my passion and my place of relaxation, this is why I will always be happy to warmly welcome you here!

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