Lights, positions, take one, action! Sensuality, aggressiveness, sun, summer and a lot of horsepower! The perfect combination for a photo shoots that heated up the atmosphere Thursday morning at Chaboo! Roxana Ciuhulescu, Florentina Raiciu and Maria Nicula tamed the three beasts dominating the landscape! An enticing blend between the perfectly shaped sculptures of the Italian designers and the provocative bodies that were not only domesticating the monsters under the bonnet but also inciting male presence…

An ebony 599, a bright red 612 Scaglietti One to One and a 430 Scuderia coupe that had the “Il Tricolore” on it were waiting impatiently to blend in a perfect harmony of color, style and feminine perfection on the set. The aggressive growl of the Scaglietti One to One was a reminder of who holds the monopoly, but it immediately got lured by the voluptuous curves of Maria and Florentina. Roxana steps determined into the luxurious “red candy” and gently caresses the 12 cylinder, 540HP beast. Surely, when you have such a vehicle, a female presence is mandatory because I fear you will not stand a chance when trying to control the Italian raw power. The sun rays were reflecting off the bodies of the three distinct supercars and were slipping easily onto the photographers strained faces who were trying to capture the most beautiful pictures!

An exciting photo session that was conducted by Casino Life & Business Magazine, Ace Parade, Forza Rossa and Chaboo Club that heralds the start of a unique motoring event in Romania!
An event for petrolheads and adrenaline seekers that will run through the most beautiful places in Romania. The passion for cars, horsepower and adventure is certainly existent in each of us … But, just like any other craving, it lies hidden in our deepest thoughts and in order to light the torch and arise the desire, you have to find the triggering mechanism. The recipe for success is simple – travel links, a dose of fun, a spoonful of socializing, two cubes of adventure, a few horsepower and most importantly – a strong aroma of feminine sensuality!

If the above sounds appealing, then Ace Parade was created especially for you! It is a Gumball type parade that will gather on the starting day the most beautiful and powerful cars in Romania! Ace Parade will take place on September 10th in a city that is in a continuous flow of ideas and human experience, a cosmopolitan city, a noisy and tense European capital, Bucharest.

Whether you’re a tourist or one of Bucur`s grandsons, the founder of today`s capital city, I invite you to get lost on the streets of old Bucharest. You can rediscover the mystical air in the famous Old Centre and see what only the soul can see: a perfect blend of buzzing nightlife and buildings creased by the mists of time…

Ace Parade follows the King`s Road … “The land beyond the mountains ” – Transalpina has a royal character and the Carpathians carefully guard this treasure loaded with history. 1938 brought with it a tumult of world events and the war was knocking at everyone`s door, but somewhere in Romania people were working at the reconstruction of the highest road in the country, at King`s Carol II orders. Once finished, the route was inaugurated by Carol II himself and the Royal Family.

The road is winding slowly and reaches its zenith in Step Urdele. There, at 2154m , after having followed the King`s Road, watch and listen … Look at the heart of the mountains, hear the voice of heaven and immortalize the moment … You’re in a paradise of nature and it’s hard to detach yourself from the mysteries you are presented with.

Heading towards Cluj Napoca, Transylvania`s treasure city welcomes us with tinkling joy. We say goodbye after a glamorous party and we start again on the roads that are scattered with a hint of autumn towards a fairytale location. Horses neigh deafening under the bonnet while the tire symphony created leaves behind the black asphalt.

Somewhere at the foothills of Bucegi Mountains, where trees suffocate us with a strong odour of nature and the melodious gurgle of the river completes the landscape, was conceived a pearl of Neo-Romanian Architecture – Cantacuzino Castle. The evening will end with a private party whose special guests will take the night to the next level!

Sunrise – 13th September: The fresh morning air caresses the vehicles` silhouettes and whispers gently the thrilling destination: SpeedPark Racing Circuit… Once on the circuit, the Aces will unleash the power in a race with the outcome to be decided in the evening. An event that will definitely prove to be a unique experience for the participants!

A craze for fun, cars and beautiful girls that started perfectly! Have you got what it takes to join us on this adventure where we will surpass the limits of excitement? Do you think you can resist the temptation? If you believe you are up for this unique experience, join our team! (For complete details about the event, please visit:

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