More than 120 Romanian and foreign participants occupied the entire capacity of the venue where the free access seminar took place.
The same as with previous editions of the fair dedicated to the gambling industry in our country, Entertainment Arena Expo, our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine, organized yet again during this year’s 11th edition, the international seminar with free access “Exact Time in Gambling “- OExG, a seminar that once again enjoyed great success.

The Exact Time in Gambling seminar took place on the second day of the Entertainment Arena Expo, on Tuesday, September 5th , starting from 1pm, -the most important and busiest day of the exhibition-, inside pavilion C6 of the ROMEXPO exhibition complex.
The event, which became a reference point on the agenda of the Entertainment Arena Expo participants, be they exhibitors or visitors, is the only opportunity for those present to keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the Romanian gaming industry and not only, entirely free of charge.
During the 5th edition this year, the seminar was scheduled to have two parts: during the first part, the partners of the event were able to present their new products and in the second part the participants were informed about the latest developments in the gambling industry.

Both sides were able to ask questions, all interactively, in an informal atmosphere typical of events organized under the aegis of Casino Life & Business Magazine.
As well as in the previous events organized by our magazine, this year’s edition of the Exact Time in Gambling seminar was attended by a large number of representatives of the National Gambling Office led by President Dan Iliovici and Vice-President Valentin Korman.
The program of the event included two plenary sessions.
In the first plenary session, dedicated to introducing the partners, Bogdan Coman, Executive Director of ROMBET and Marius Stoi, General Manager of DGL PRO, took the floor.
In the second plenary session the invited speakers were: Dan Iliovici, ONJN President, Valentin Korman, ONJN Vice President, Anchidim Zăgrean, ROMBET Vice President, Sorin Constantinescu, PokerFest President, Cristian Pascu, Executive President AOPJNR, Odeta Nestor, President of the Association of Remote Gambling Organizers, Viorela Rădoi, Executive Director of ROMSLOT and Doru Gheorghiu, Executive Director of Romanian Bookmakers.
All the themes approached by the speakers were of utmost relevance and kept the attention of the participants until the end of the event.
The topics discussed were very diverse. These included both the advertising of gambling and the responsible gambling projects in our country.

A topic of great interest was the establishment of the foundation for responsible gambling, a subject to which ONJN President Dan Iliovici responded with much finesse as well as to all the questions asked throughout the event.
On this occasion, he announced the date until which the foundation hopes to be established is December 1st, 2017.
It should be mentioned that the intervention of Sorin Constantinescu, President of PokerFest, caused a real storm both among the participants in the venue and among the speakers.
The event ended after two and a half hours, well beyond the seminar’s allotted time, with a Q&A session.
The whole event was moderated by Bogdan Coman, Executive Director of ROMBET.
This fifth edition of the „Exact Time in Gambling” seminar enjoyed the partnership of DGL PRO and ROMBET Association.

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