În calitate de unic partener media din România al GiGse 2015, ce va avea loc în perioada 20-22 aprilie în San Francisco, ne face o deosebită plăcere să publicăm, integral, in rândurile de mai jos, un nou comunicat de presă primit de la organizatori.

ALC’s Holmes emphasises importance of future planning

Phil Holmes, vice-president of strategy and planning at the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC), has urged gambling companies to peer into the future if they are serious about continuing to operate successfully in the years to come.

Due to speak at GiGse next month in San Francisco, California, Holmes will base his presentation around ‘Vision 2030’, an initiative that has been developed to help the ALC prepare for changes in the wider gambling market and allow the organisation to organise its operations to fit in with new trends.

In his session, which is entitled ‘Game Changer Scenarios’, Holmes will explain how he believes that issues of intrusion, circumvention, immersion and collaboration will influence the lottery and gaming industries over the next 15 years.

“A key failing of many businesses – not just lotteries – is that they do not look far enough ahead,” Holmes said. “Most organisations are absorbed with their day-to-day operations and as a result, spend too little time thinking about the longer-term, defining how it may differ from today and considering what factors may influence it.

“All too often, therefore, organisations develop new strategies that deal with yesterday’s problems rather those of tomorrow.

“The Vision 2030 strategic exercise at Atlantic Lottery enabled us to stretch the boundaries of our organisational thinking and more clearly envision what the future might bring – and more importantly, how we might need to react to remain relevant.”

Holmes went on to say that lotteries remain a “key economic engine” of the gaming industry despite the emergence of less traditional forms of gambling.

However, he did admit that the balance of power in the gaming industry is beginning to shift and organisations should be aware of these changes if they are to continue to offer successful lottery products and services.

A particular focus, he added, should be placed on evolving player preferences.

Holmes said: “A key question for gaming companies to consider is ‘what will lotteries do next?’

“As revenues for traditional lotteries begin to decline, they will respond and evolve in order to maintain or grow their revenue streams. How they evolve and the operating models they adopt could be a significant threat to established and new gaming companies.

“Lotteries have not changed significantly over the years. For the most part, the products being delivered now would be easily recognised by customers from 40 years ago.

“To remain successful it is imperative that lotteries closely couple their product portfolios to evolving player preferences and to the trajectory of the industry. If they fail to do so, it will accelerate their level of irrelevancy and hasten their decline.”

Holmes’ presentation will take place on April 21, the second day of GiGse, which will run from April 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, California. Visit www.gigse.com for further information.

Rocha ready to put ‘tribal gaming in global context’ at GiGse

Victor Rocha, the award-winning editor and owner of influential portal Pechanga.net, is keen to gauge the state of the Tribal gaming market at GiGse next month after picking up a prestigious gong for his work in the industry.

Pechanga.net has supported GiGse since its relaunch in 2010, and Rocha will take a central role in the ‘Open Space’ discussions that will explore various issues in the sector just weeks after picking up the Tribal Gaming Visionary Award at RES2015.

Tribal gaming, particularly in GiGse’s home state of California, has been a hot topic in recent months, and Rocha said that he plans to “put tribal gaming in a global context” at the event, which he described as the “gold standard in iGaming”.

He added, looking forward to GiGse from April 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, California: “Sitting around in a circle and hashing things out is the Native American way. It fosters an environment of participation and helps to get to the truth of the issue.

“I get a unique perspective at GiGse that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else. It really helps me to understand where Indian Country fits in the industry.

“With GiGse, you know you’re coming to San Francisco to hear the best and brightest discuss the most important iGaming issues affecting the industry.

“The content is always fresh, it is always comprehensive, and it is always cutting edge. It is how I stay ahead of the curve.

“Additionally, I enjoy seeing my old friends and meeting new ones. I have met some of my most important business contacts in the networking breaks at GiGse.”

As the 2015 recipient of the Tribal Gaming Visionary Award at RES2015, Rocha is one of the most influential figures in the Tribal gaming industry.

“There is no bigger honor than one that comes from your people,” he added.

“When I started my website 17 years ago, I never imagined myself as a leader of anything – I was only trying to help Indian Country understand the politics of gaming. I am just happy that people are still paying attention to my work.”


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