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At the end of March, a new platform was launched, Voliovesti, in the high-end space of Italian Design&Architecture. This event was not only a meeting opportunity for the personalities and luxury consumers, but a perfect venue to marvel at the creations of the partner fashion brands, to discover the multiple facets of the design and also to look into a new shopping possibility, based on what the clients desire.

The event started in the presence of His Royal Highness, Prince Paul of Romania and Princess Lia of Romania, who delivered a speech that redefined elegance by supporting the talent of the Romanian designers. ‚For me, elegnace is not only to dress up in great style for various occasions, but it is also the interior refinenment of the soul and the responsibilty to promote the image of our beautiful country. Everywhere in the world, when I am complimented for what I am wearing, I feel honored and proud to say that this is the creation of a Romanian designer.
As members of the Royal Family, our mission and duty is to advocate for the potential and the true elegance of Romania. Fashion and design are only two elements that make it visibile.”

Silvia Cristescu, fashion editor and stylist of Viva magazine, along with Ana Marin, a creative makeup-artist, were the special guests who gracefully answered to the questions from the audience about style and the beauty design. The frog legs-based food served by Le OacOac Bistro, the premium wines selected by Licorna Winehouse and the raw candies made after the Tanar si Sanatos (young and healthy, TN) recipe were a perfect blend for the futuristic ambiance, specific to Italian Design&Architecture. Similarly, Pure Cosmetics and Techir joined the idea to offer an unforgettable experience to the guets by the gifts made available to them.

„I am thrilled to have launched this project on a market repleted with offers, which do not necessarily match the local criteria. Voliovesti intends to meet the needs of the people for whom time is a true luxury, by providing them with the convenience of registring a clothing desire in the online environment. The interaction with the partner brands Voliovesti, genuine connoiseurs of the industry, their enterprise will have higher changes to fulfill, as the final-end product is the most suitable, coming closely to being unique. In a long run, the platform will fuse the extravagance of the particular needs of the clients with the world requirements of fashion sustenability” says Laura Borncamp, founder of Voliovesti, who is extending an invitation to all brands interested in joining them.

As in numerous previous occasions, our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine, was asked to be a partner and it was more than honored to be among the other brands in supporting this high-class event in Romania, so important for the fashion world.


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