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Soon they will approve the amendment to the law that bans smoking…

It is well known the fact that the Anti Smoking Law drove away the smoking players from game halls and casinos leading to a dramatic drop of cashing in at the locations of each operator and, in general, of games producers.
Our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine comes to your help with simple solutions, tested in many countries around the world, solutions to be certified once the amendments to Anti smoking Law will be voted.
All negative consequences of cigarette smoke are removed through a secure, healthy and profitable solution. Non-smokers are protected without smokers being affected in any way.
Peter Bjersten with Håkan Lindström, founders of QleanAir Scandinavia have discovered how the design and technology can solve the problems associated with passive smoking and the interaction between smokers and nonsmokers.
Our solution allows smokers to enjoy the same advantages as the non- smokers without the latter risking their health and without having to tolerate the smell of cigarette smoke.


And if that is not enough, here are some other reasons to choose our products:
Returning smoking customers back to gaming rooms
– Higher availability of employees and customers
– Increased fire protection
– Improved efficiency in the workplace
– Improved internal communication
– Improved hygiene conditions

The cabins for smokers that we propose have three major functions: collection of cigarette smoke, removing particles and fumes from its composition through an advanced method of filtering and increasing safety in the workplace or inside the gaming rooms, through a unique and non-flammable system of extinguishing cigarette butts which guarantees the impossibility of starting fire.

At this moment, Casino Life & Business Magazine is the only provider that can offer to you many types of cabins for smokers, which you can choose from.
Depending on the requirements of the location where they will be placed, the cabins may bear from 2 to 12 smokers simultaneously, can be open, semi-open or closed, depending on the company’s preferences and can adjust according to legal regulations.
For instance, booths with doors that can be closed are a legal requirement in some countries, while in others, closed booths may be required only in certain areas, for example, the public areas.
The Smoking booths we suggest to you offer this solution which is applicable to most existing models.
However, the solutions “open” and “semi-open” with panels that partially obstructs the opening are optimal because they allow interaction between smokers and nonsmokers in a smoke free environment.

Here are some of the reasons that will encourage you to opt for Smoking booths after the approval of the Amendments to the anti smoking law:

– The requirements of services are compelling for customers and foreign smoking visitors
– Smoking is prohibited even in some outdoor areas
– It is a high need for security
– There is a risk of unauthorized access or risk of burst
– Some areas have different requirements for security
– The requirements for a healthy environment are extremely high
– It is mandatory to wear uniforms, gloves or hair nets
– It’s high risk, due to explosive substances or fire hazards
– The company brand reflects style, innovation and quality

The Smoking booths have the following functions:

Cabinele pentru Fumat

1. Collection of smoke – the smoke is absorbed before it’s spread in the room. The smell and smoke are completely eliminated!!
2. Eliminating hazardous particles and gases – our advanced filtering system is designed to remove dangerous particles and gases in the composition of cigarette smoke
3. Increasing safety – the unique and uninflammable extinguishing system of cigarette butts guarantees the impossibility of a fire to occur. Our system is recognized and recommended by the Swedish Institute of Research and Studies

Durability over time

Guarantee of long lasting performance – whether the space is rented or bought
Certification- The extinguishing system of cigarette butts is approved by testing institutes of different countries
Capacity control – a unique way to find how many cigarettes were smoked inside the cabin.
Systematic monitoring – total consumption of each cabin, together with all technical interventions are monitored the environment.

Besides attracting smoker customers who will no longer have to leave their places at the game machines, the booths for smokers that we propose represent the perfect choice in terms of best quality functional products, recyclable, based on eco-efficiency and energy saving.
In addition, your contribution to a clean environment consist of capturing and filtering the smoke instead of being dispersed into the interior and collecting cigarette butts in accordance with local regulations and laws.

Other factors that contribute to environmental protection:
The use of materials that can be reused or recycled is a key to minimizing environmental impact
All processes undertaken both in arcades and casinos and inside the companies that operate them must be optimized in terms of the environment, from the starting point of production and operation up to handling waste to ensure minimization of environmental damage
Partners and subcontractors that perform Smoking booths are certified according to ISO14001 or equivalent.

The smoking rooms SF6000 and SF4000 – modern and stylish

For those who want the Smoking players to continue staying in the gaming rooms or casinos, but also for those who want to eliminate passive smoking at the workplace, the SF range is the ideal choice, without having to compromise in terms of comfort , design or local or social atmosphere.

The smoking booths SF6000 and SF4000 are suitable for:

Cabinele pentru Fumat sf line

Modern game spaces, multifunctional spaces or large casinos,
Areas with intense traffic of customers,
Modern office spaces,
Areas where functionality and aesthetics are key conditions,
Meeting points, areas of communication, call centers, kitchens where space is limited.

model cabina antifumat

The smoking cabins C30, C40 and C60 – low maintenance, robust aluminum, fireproof.

C range is characterized by robust design and fire safety.
Since its launch, the range was a viable solution used by thousands of customers in many places in Europe, either game rooms or offices.

model cabina

The smoking booths C30, C40 and C60 are suitable for:
Austere arcades or smaller casinos
Spaces with a small number of clients
Areas with narrow aisles,
Mobile work places
Control and security rooms,
Areas with high requirements of fire protection.

The booths with doors that can be closed are a legal requirement in some countries, while in others closed booths may be necessary in certain segments, for instance, in the public areas.

Smoking booths that we propose offer this solution applicable to most existing models, for example the range SF or the aluminum one in the Classic range. However, the solution “open” and “semi-open” – which partially obstructs the opening with panels is optimal because it allows smokers and non-smokers interaction in a smoke-free environment.

Cabine pentru Fumat classic line

The technical solution QleanAir Scandinavia to the smoking rooms that we propose is composed of three steps: first, the smoke is captured, then particles and gases are filtered, and then cigarette butts and ashes are disposed of in a safe and effective manner.

Regardless of your location, Casino Life & Business Magazine has the perfect solution for Smoking Rooms, solution that will be customized and streamlined depending on locations and your needs.

For further details or customized offers, we are ate your service, please contact us by phone 0722 222 971 or email

It is important to be the first to have functional Smoking Rooms until the anti-smoking law amendments will be voted …

And do not forget: we have the solution to keep the smokers inside the game halls!


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