A correct diet = a sure win

Poker is perceived as a sport, a good reason to keep a proper diet and have a healthy lifestyle, so you can play it at your best. Specialists say that the brain has to be stimulated with high quality nourishment.

A good diet and exercise are not exactly the key words in poker. Nevertheless, the nutritionists maintain that the poker players should be very carefeul about the physical training, especially when being on tournaments. Thus, when a competition spreads over a whole week, and they spend an average eight hours sitting at a table, the conclusion is that poker is a game that involves huge efforts of concentration for the players. They need a clear mind, not cluttered, a short reaction time and the ability to evaluate in a twinkling of an eye what is going on at the table. To reach performance, exercise is the answer.

Alcohol and fat foods, off limits

While watching the James Bond movies, many would think that the poker player is that person sitting at a casino table, accompanied by a cocktail glass at all times. Well, we’ve got bad news – alcohol is not on the menu for the poker players. Even in small quantities, alcohol triggers confusion and the player can very easily become predictable in terms of his playing style. The result? He unveils himself in front of his opponents.

Similarly, the poker player must avoid the fat-saturated food. To digest such food, it usually takes longer and this effort can diminish the concentration and turn into a real enemy due to the lack of physical comfort that will readily bring.

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