Building on the strength of its presence in the gambling market in Romania and the expansion of the company’s business in Europe, Tiberiu Leta, Managing Partner of Syswin Solutions, brings strategic changes to the structure and portfolio of the company in the period ahead.
Tiberiu Leta controls since 2001 a group of IT companies and a portfolio of over 500 clients nationwide and internationally, focusing on Cybersecurity over 10 years.
The decision to integrate CyberQuest’s cyber-security solution into the Smart Count platform is the next step in its vision of the future of the gaming industry in Romania and globally.
The security component will become one of the most important items in a field as sensitive as gambling and the tools will be the most complex.
SmartCount protected by CyberQuest is the only integrated gaming monitoring and control platform to ensure compliance with internationally recognized security standards such as ISO 27001, COBIT – Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology, FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act, PCI / DSS – Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard, SOX-Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
CyberQuest contains a powerful anomaly detection and analysis mechanism with capability self-learning: when data circulates between Smart Count and CyberQuest, the anomalies analyzer automatically create access patterns for users based on this innovative self-learning mechanism. The data is thus immediately verified within the application modules to identify and report unusual events. The application includes native integration with video modules to ensure fast correlation between physical and virtual events.
Thus, security investigators can quickly link data logs to real-life events from physical locations to identify the source of incidents.
CyberQuest also contains an innovative real-time alert generation system based on specific security criteria, ensuring maximum accuracy and a minimum number of false alerts, thus enabling you to take immediate action.
The cyber security component, through its integrated solutions and security team, will become one of the most important elements in separating solutions providers in a field as sensitive as gambling.
Thus, the top management team joins Ramona Budu, as International Business Development & Strategy Manager, as a security information specialist with a long professional experience in IT. Ramona will coordinate both the GAMING division and the IOT division of the company, both in the country and internationally.
The gaming industry’s monitoring and control solution and services join the four new research and development divisions over the past two years as part of the EU research and development project with Syswin Solutions, traffic monitoring and parking, urban pollution monitoring solution, water quality monitoring solution and monitoring and decision solution for agriculture.
The monitoring and support services provided in the gaming industry have remained a strategic direction of Syswin Solutions underlines Tiberiu Leta and the importance of this division is steadily increasing by expanding the market share in Romania and strengthening the relationship over 6 years that it has built together by its clients. The company continuously invests in increasing the performance and security of its solution, both at hardware and software level, guaranteeing the highest professionalism of its development team and technical support.
So the software and hardware development team coordinated by Ciprian Coman and the after-sales support and services coordinated by Alexandru Raiciu expanded with the growing portfolio of solutions and clients.
In the coming months, Syswin Solutions aims to respond promptly to the growing demand for expanding its presence in Romania, in the context in which gambling operators have made the benefits of a partner whose sole stake is connecting reliable and secure, concludes Ramona Budu.

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