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Serghei Fraseniuc: We can cover any payment need of a client, in any field

The EasyPay group, which is now 11 years old – produces, sells and handles the maintenance of payment terminals to create a complete business cycle. EasyPay currently ranks 1st in the production of payment terminals, but also manages the most profitable network in Romania. Serghei Fraseniuc, the founder of EasyPay Group, sets ambitious goals – in the next 5 years to become – No. 1 in Europe among the manufacturers of cash-in and cash-out payment systems. About how the story of a Ukrainian born in Chisinau began in Bucharest, the betting market and ambitions – read in the interview below.

We hear about EasyPay System everywhere, but now we have the opportunity to know more…
When we talk about EasyPay, we are actually talking about a group of companies, each with a separate activity, but closely related to each other.
The parent company, the first to be established 11 years ago, is EasyPay System, which operates its own network of over 800 self-service terminals located on the market, nationwide. An extremely developed business in other countries at that time, but in Romania it started extremely shy, people not being familiar with these self-service payment systems that today have taken a considerable boost, customers understanding the ease with which they can use but also its benefits.
The self-service payment terminal also found its place in gaming halls, with customers using it mainly for pre-pay and pay-save-card recharges, as well as over 140 other services. covering almost all payment areas.

What additional solutions do you offer to the gaming halls, besides the betting terminals?
By placing a payment terminal in the game rooms we can increase sales. Thus, the client does not leave the game room to make a few additional payments. We now offer symbiosis solutions between a sports betting terminal and a payment terminal. This is the know-how we prepare for the Romanian market and beyond. Another additional service for these rooms is the location of crypto-currency terminals.
At the same time, as a company we do not focus only on the sports betting market and self-service payments. We have many other solutions in our portfolio that are worth mentioning. These include: HoReCa solutions, deposit and money transfer, terminals for parking, insurance, currency exchange, payment for fuel at CEEC stations, purchase of tickets and season tickets for public transport and much more.
All this, through self-service terminals operated directly by the user without the need for operator intervention.

Serghei Fraseniuc: We can cover any payment need of a client, in any field
Serghei Fraseniuc easypay

So can we say that EasyPay has a payment solution for any domain?
We can claim that as a manufacturer and with strategic partnerships, we can cover any payment need of a customer, in any field.

Let’s talk about that shy start you mentioned earlier. Who was Serghei Fraseniuc at that time and how did you start this business?
In 2006 Romania seemed to me at that time a good opportunity and the country in which I want to develop. Through many attempts and searches, I ended up playing in a basketball team in Romania with which I went to training camps.
$100 a month and a pretty nice home was what I was offered as a basketball player.
Although I say that at that time the market was only in an incipient stage, when I arrived in Bucharest I could not be called shy. In the first month I set out to meet 100 entrepreneurs, Russian speakers from various fields for a possible collaboration and I found them. Their contacts were turned into an excel, I started talking to each of them to finally find a parallel job.
I worked for a while at a factory bought by the Russians Laminorul Brăila, later I had to go to Moscow. There I worked for a similar company as in Brăila where I managed to really notice the complexity of the industry.
I returned to Bucharest crushed by the desire to open my own business. I bought the first 50 payment terminals. At the beginning, the first 3 years I did not register a profit. I personally dealt with the location, modification of the terminals and the revenue side.
In a room of 20 square meters we assembled together with the first and only employee, the first self-service terminal. If in 2014 we sold 100 terminals per year, in recent years we sell about 2000 terminals, this makes me very happy.
EasyPay currently consists of a group of 4 companies, the first established to operate its own network of payment terminals, followed by EasyPay Production which produces self-service terminals for all payment areas. Adjacent is Easy Technix, which covers the warranty and maintenance of its own terminals and those launched on the market. Because in the pandemic we chose to be brave and invest when the whole market froze, RiverBet is the company we continue to develop after last year we bought the betting part of RiverBet. Currently operating a number of 350 terminals.

Serghei Fraseniuc: We can cover any payment need of a client, in any field

What is your attitude towards the competition?
The competition makes the business more interesting and more efficient and it is the one that drives the founder, the business to improve its work processes and to offer quality and not quantitative products.
Thus, my focus in business is on the client, his needs, pains and expectations, and therefore we change based on this understanding.
When we talk about customer service, we can not neglect the corporate culture, which in this case plays an overwhelming role. Its lack will “eat” any well-planned strategy.
The main objective of the EasyPay group remains to offer, always the best ratio between quality and price, the shortest delivery time, based on internal stocks and satisfied customers who, in the end, offer us the best recommendations.
Given the fact that the EasyPay group has gradually grown, constantly investing in team and development, I am sure that we will be able to fulfill our plans to expand our sales to other countries that we have not yet accessed, but also to grow the network. of terminals.

Speaking of customer service – EasyPay is twice in a row the winner for the Sports Betting Terminal, once in 2019 and once in the year the pandemic broke out. How did you manage to get this position?
Of course, I am first and foremost extremely proud to hold this position in such a changing market, but the price-quality ratio and the excellent service that my team offers to its customers is the basis of this performance. We’re taking the place we’re not going to release soon.
Every year we continue to invest, to develop always being one step ahead of the market and offering a complete package of services starting from an open discussion and ending with the design and assembly of the final turnkey product.
We aim for the terminals to have a maximum lifespan, to work properly, so that the customer does not have a headache from all these processes, he is concerned only with the assimilation of the profit that our technical solutions bring.

Serghei Fraseniuc EASYTOUCH

How did you feel this pandemic year when many businesses could not resist?
Regarding the pandemic year, of course we were also affected to some extent, but choosing our partners strategically, together we understood that it is only a matter of time until the situation is unblocked and the needs will come as a boom for which we must be prepared. So we can say that we worked in advance for a period in which we trusted that it would come, and now we feel the results.

What are your plans for the future?
In the sport I have been dealing with for years, basketball – there is no equality, it is always a winner. In business as in sports, there is no equality. The goal of a team in any sport / business is to win. In business, the founder always tends to be the best, to make a significant profit, to be loyal to customers and to be much better than the competitor.
At least I don’t believe in equality, I’m always for a fight (of course loyal), in which one wins and the other loses. This is how competition generates results that “move” progress.
Business is for the winners and the determined. Business involves overcoming boundaries and a lot of confidence in what you do. That’s why the goal I put in front of me and in front of the whole team is a simple one – to become No. 1 in Europe. This thought makes me work much harder and harder. What kind of athlete are you if you settle for a place other than the first?

Serghei Fraseniuc: We can cover any payment need of a client, in any field
Serghei Fraseniuc EasyPay SYSTEM

EasyPay Systems is the market leader in payment terminals
■ We have been delivering on the market for 11 years:
■ Self-service payment terminals;
■ Betting terminals;
■ HoReCa solutions;
■ Deposit and transfer of money;
■ Parking and insurance payment terminals;
■ Exchange;
■ Solutions for collecting fuel payments at PECO stations;
■ Purchase tickets and season tickets for public transport and much more.

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