ROMBET introduces a new article of the Responsible Gambling series

For Rombet, the presence in international events dedicated to responsible gaming has become a tradition and even a requirement, given the importance the associations grants to the development and implementation of responsible gambling projects. Thus, after the participation in Warsaw, at the workshop “Implementing Responsible Gambling Across your Organization” held during WrB Eastern Europe, in late November, Rombet representatives attended “Responsible Gaming Academy” conference as part of the Eastern European Gaming Summit event, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“At European level, the gaming industry is changing rapidly. There are new provisions, new players in the market, new needs of communication are identified and new projects are designed, many of them aimed at the education and care of the players. In order to have Romania implementing such successful models, exchanging information and know-how with other European countries is needed, so that’s why we are very keen to be present in major events in the gaming industry. EEGS 2016 and “Responsible Gaming Academy” could not miss from this year-end agenda, “said Mr. Dan Iliovici, Rombet’s senior vice president, who represented Romania at the event in Sofia, together with Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghita, ROMBET president.
In light of the adoption of new legislation, which comes bundled with a number of mandatory requirements regarding responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility (CSR), Mr. Dan Iliovici was invited to speak at length about the steps that Romania makes in this direction and about the projects which the association has carried to educate Romanian players in order to adopt responsible behavior and regard gambling strictly as a way of entertainment.
“The opportunity to talk about Romania and about the steps our country has to take in order to have a solid gambling industry, transparent and above all responsible, constitutes proof that our actions are an example for other European countries. I really wanted to talk to those present at the conference about the programs already undertaken by industry associations, including obviously, Rombet’s program. And participants showed particularly interested in the principles of operation of the future Foundation and of the Fund for socially responsible gaming, “commented Rombet’s Senior Vice Rombet on the presentation he gave in Sofia.

Among the topics on which Mr. Dan Iliovici insisted in particular was the need for a market study to provide a more objective and fair assessment of the incidence of troubled and addicted players. Such market research is imperative before and after implementing new foundation programs, and is in fact a very useful tool for measuring the results which will guide the actions of the industry in this direction in the future. In order to achieve these objectives at country level, recently, Rombet organization has announced it will provide full support for the implementation of the Responsible Gambling project, alongside with Romslot and Romanian Bookmakers.

“We were, we still are and will remain directly involved in the projects gaming industry in Romania is implementing to assist all players with problems. We already know that it takes a concerted effort from all those involved in the field, we are aware that the approach must be complex and multi-directional and that operators, associations and legislators must work together. We strongly believe that this goal is achievable as long as the commitment of each one is serious and conscious, regardless of the importance of allocated resources, be they financial, time or personnel related. Rombet Association and its members are ready. We hope that 2017 will lead to the implementation of more projects in this important field of responsible gambling, “stated Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghita for Casino Life & Business Magazine.


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