Punct și de la capăt Point and

Point and (re)start

Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial edition no. 139 / September 2021

The moments of restriction with closed activities have passed and the opportunity to organize events with physical presence has reappeared.
There are limitations, but it is still possible.
We are starting to put these events back where they deserve to be.
Of course, the period when we had to meet only on the Internet has left its mark and the events will be hybrid from now on – with physical presence, but also online.
That’s a step forward, isn’t it ?!

Point and (re)start
Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial edition no. 139 / September 2021

The magazine, that appears once at 1 month, contains articles referring to gambling in casinos, describes gambling tactics, offers a full picture of those who experience this mirage and of the places in which this one develops. Also, readers are informed about the last trends in the gambling technologies field, the disputed opinions about this life style are objectively treated, providing the opinions of the most representative personalities in the field.

Famous players, public persons, people that matter in the contemporary business world will share their experience and opinions about the fascinating casinos world, inside the interview section.

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