Pilot Games

Pilot Games, the provider and operator of games to US hospitality venues, has announced its latest innovation in developing a phone/tablet-based system known as PlayerConnect.

PlayerConnect allows players to participate in promotional tournaments (and “for pay” tournaments) by downloading the app in Apple and Android stores. The innovative app allows players to integrate with PilotTV, social media, text and voice messaging, push notifications and other demo games.

Pilot Games

Pilot Games has developed this latest game during the age of Covid-19 and will shortly roll out a player event starting in November and will culminate with the finals in December, which will be promotional games.

They described themselves as: “Pilot’s core group knew each other from the gaming and software industries. We had worked together for years and had a set of complimentary competencies in operations and game development. That’s why we are the best at what we do. In 2014 we came together to form Pilot Games in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Though we have grown and expanded over time, we still share that same commitment and enthusiasm for excellence that guides our corporation… and we all have a great time working together! Put Pilot to work for you.”

More details on Pilot Games you can find HERE.

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