Ora Exactă în Gambling has reached its 10th edition

The 2023 edition of the free seminar, Ora Exactă în Gambling, will be held at Romexpo as part of the 15th edition of the annual Entertainment Arena Expo.

As always, the seminar with free access Ora Exactă în Gambling, which this year is in its 10th edition, will carry out its work on the second day of the traditional annual fair of the gambling industry in Romania, Entertainment Arena Expo.

They are invited to participate in the event, together with representatives of the authorities and the legislator, organizers, producers, but also service providers from the gambling industry that operate in Romania.

The themes proposed by the organizer Casino Life & Business Magazine are already attracting a great deal of interest and those who decide to participate are invited to ask as many questions as possible.

Ora Exactă în Gambling has reached its 10th edition

The program of the event consists of 60 minutes of discussions, opinions and comments on current topics in the domestic gambling industry, topics debated freely, together with representatives of the National Office for Gaming, but also with representatives of the legislator and professional associations in the industry.

The moderator of the event will be, as in previous editions, Bogdan Coman, Executive Director within the ROMBET association.

Partners of the event until the time the edition goes to print are:

Gold Partner: ROMBET association

Silver Partner: BMM testlabs

Bronze Partner: Smart Games

Organizer: Casino Life & Business Magazine

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