Once every two years, EL Industry Days provides partners and suppliers the opportunity to interact with lottery executives and share their visions for the future. Experiences gained from partnering, developing and supporting markets with lotteries across the world are shared during the three-day event.
EL Industry Days 2016 was a rallying call for lottery professionals to envision the future of the retail gaming sector, as well as share their knowledge and experience of the opportunities, challenges and threats ahead for retail.
NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions Gmbh (NLS) energized the audience with bold and creative messaging that spoke of the power of disruption and the BAMM! factor. At the invitation of NLS, Dietmar Dahmen, a professional speaker and creative consultant for innovation, delivered an exciting presentation on the power of innovation, as well as creativity and the effect of disruptive forces on the status quo.
The focus of this conference, Renaissance of Retail in Digital Times, provided an opportunity for experts from all over Europe to address the pressing issue of lottery sustainability in the retail market.
Embracing, and actually advocating, for change is the essence of the corporate culture at NLS and that was clearly demonstrated during the Industry Days conference.”
A change will happen and it is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change.
This type of responsive adaptability is the operating mandate for NLS as demonstrated through the company’s innovative technologies that help lotteries compete with the private gaming market by providing new, digital-age ideas.
The application of this pro-change thinking into NLS technology solutions was presented by NLS Technical Visionary, Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson, who captured the interest of conference attendees by demonstrating just how fast and how significantly technological change impacts society, and thereby, business. To capitalize on the never-ending cycle of disruptive change in technology, NLS has demonstrated the use of the latest Service Oriented Architectures to utilize microservices and APIs in its Omni-channel solution with market leading ‘Agile’ project management methodology. Throughout the conference, NLS messaging asked: “Are you ready?” By the end of the conference the creative minds at NLS had firmly demonstrated: BAMM! they are ready.

About NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions:
NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS) is a full solution alternative vendor for international lottery markets delivering games and services that can be integrated with any 3rd party solution. The NLS system supports all sales channels simultaneously, creating a truly omni-channel offering while at the same time increasing lottery revenues and returns to good causes.

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With ISO 27001 certification, WLA Security Control Standard Certification and numerous lottery audits, NLS solutions guarantee the highest levels of security and reliability. NLS is part of the NOVOMATIC Group, one of the biggest global producers and operators of gaming technologies, with revenues of about $4bn, more than 24,000 employees and activities in 80 countries. NLS was established in 2014 after the acquisition of Icelandic lottery provider Betware and quickly became a player player in the international lotteries business.

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