In a dialogue with Valentin Adrian Georgescu

What are your expectations from this year’s edition of Entertainment Arena Expo?
As it happens every year, we expect to have a succesful edition of Entertainment Arena Expo, provided both by the professionalism of the organizers and also by the large number of the exhibitors and visitors. Also, we are getting ready for many cooperation agreements as well as to consolidate the relations with our current partners.

What are the products that will be featured at the 8th year exhibition?
For the edition of this year, Novomatic Agency in Romania will introduce the latest of the products of this influential brand. The visitors will have the opportunity to see equipment such as NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. II with the Crown V.I.P. chair, an integrated sound system and a start button in the equipment arm rest, as well as a big screen of 46” located at the ergonomics distance for an impressive playing experience. Another point of attraction for this edition will be Panther Roulette™ II with a second full HD screen of 32” above the equipment, with a function of FLIPSCREEN®. Both versions are available with a selection of 23 slot games with HD quality.

To inform your visitors, what is the number of your stand?
Exactly like last year, the number of our stand is 117, right by the entrance into the exhibition space.

How do you think the other exhibitors at E-Arena will perform? Are your competitors strong?
We are sure that the rest of the exhibitors will be quite powerful at this edition. Competition is always welcomed, since it gives you the opportunity to become better and reach the desired level.

What is your take on the current legislation in Romania in terms of the gambling industry?
It is a good legislation, which regulates the gambling market well but it can be still improved.

What do you think about the fact that our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine, organizes a new edition of the ‚What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar within Entertainment Arena Expo?
The organization of the ‚What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar, as many other events the magazine has initiated, is a wonderful moment to talk about and pinpoint the news, problems and the potential solutions of the gambling industry in Romania.

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