– known by everybody as Otto – about the evolution of Game World Bucharest Mall since 1999 until now and about the 18-year anniversary of the company
➤ Hello Otto, first of all congratulations, we know that Game World celebrates this month 18 years of activity in Romania. Please tell us when you joined the company and few words about you?
Attila Torok (Otto): Hello and thank you for the congratulations. We are happy to celebrate the 18-year anniversary of the company in Romania as the first Game World gambling hall was opened in September 1999, within the entertainment area of Bucharest Mall Vitan, the only shopping mall of that time in the city. I joined the management team of the company in February 2001 and today I am Director for Game World Bucharest Mall and Strategy Director for Game World Romania.

➤ How long time do you think that 18 years really mean for the games of chance market in Romania?
Attila Torok (Otto): I was just talking the other day with my colleagues about this subject and we tried to remember the relevant events of that time. I think it is a good choice to express this idea in a convincing way. For example we found out that in 1999 Macao returned to Chinese administration, the football player of the year was Rivaldo from Barcelona and the USA President Bill Clinton apologized for the public scandal regarding Monica Lewinsky. In the same year Germany was the European football champion for the first time after the reunification of the country, „Shakespeare in Love” movie won the Oscar prize as the best movie and Romania was the best place to be for people wanting to watch the total eclipse of the sun. In conclusion I would say that 1999 seams very far away in time.
Regarding our company, Game World has seen a consistent development since September 1999 until today, being now one of the very few companies with such a long continuity on the Romanian market. I am happy to say that today Game World Bucharest Mall is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the city and, in the same time, one of the largest gambling halls in Europe.

➤ How did Game World manage to build its public image in Romania and how important is the 18-year anniversary in this respect?
Attila Torok (Otto): In my opinion the reputation of Game World Bucharest Mall is based on two categories of factors. On one hand, during all these 18 years, we never stopped to improving our offers and our services to the benefit of our clients. On the other hand, in the same time with all these changes, we never lost focus from our vision and we stayed committed to our basic principles and corporate values.
All the time we believed in quality services, customer care, innovation and top performance from our team. Social responsibility is also a priority for us, so Game World is a member of Romslot Association and an active promoter of „Responsible Gambling” program.
I believe that this 18-year anniversary tells the story of countless moments with strong emotions, great fun, quality time with friends, relaxation breaks and alternatives to escape from the daily routine.
One says that a good wine tastes better if served in the right glass so, in the same manner, we believe that gambling is an experience that deserves the right ambiance.
Therefor we are committed to offer an exquisite ambiance in our Game World halls in order to deliver what we call as „The Elegance of Luck”

➤ What can you tell us about the present time of Game World Bucharest Mall?
Attila Torok (Otto): Today, Game World Bucharest Mall occupies a total surface of 2.200 m2 and offers the largest diversity of games and jackpots, having 250 seats at slot machines and electronic roulettes. The mix of games is completed by the sport betting offer of Stanleybet, by a large selection of auxiliary services – such as smoking terrace, bar, food specialties, wardrobe, parking, Wi-Fi, etc. – and by a very interesting calendar of promotions, parties and events.
➤ Could you please give us some facts and figures?
Attila Torok (Otto): Absolutely, I am convinced that the best way lucreato present Game World Bucharest Mall is by providing relevant facts and figures. Here there are some examples:
n 85 cars! This is the exact number of cars that were given away as prizes in the promotions organized by Game World Bucharest Mall since 2004; among them I can list Audi Q7, Audi A8 and Audi TT, 6 VW Touareg, 3 classic cars, 3 WV Arteon, 2 Chevrolet Camaro, 22 VW Golf and so on.
n Polaris airplane. Gyrocopter flying machine. Malibu motor boat. Harley Davidson and Honda motorcycles. Rolex watches. Just some of the other unique prizes awarded at Game World Bucharest Mall!
n 17 VW Golf cars were awarded in just 17 consecutive weeks during „ A car every week “promotion.
n 97 parties and themed events organized for our clients during the last 3 years.
Most of the best Romanian artists performed on stage inside Game World Bucharest Mall; among them: Delia, Luminita Anghel, Antonia, Alex Velea, Connect-R, Andreea Balan, Matteo, Anna Lesko, Andreea Banica, What’s Up, Anda Adam, Corina, Julia, Lavinia, Sonny Flame, Daniela Gyorfi, Roxana Nemes and music bands such as Haiducii, Generic and Gypsy Casual. Even the world famous band Boney M had a great live show on our stage in 2012.
Only in the first 6 months of this year we served to our customers 159.915 bottles of water, 11.045 cups of tea and 99.255 coffees; imagine that if we would place all these coffee and tea cups one near another in a line we would cover all the distance between the Triumphal Arch and the International Otopeni Airport in the same 6-month period our customers also enjoyed 39.874 litres of refreshment beverages, including 16.196 litres of Coca Cola.

➤ Wow! Really impressive indeed! Please tell us something about your team, the managers and staff from Game World Bucharest Mall?
Attila Torok (Otto): I want to say that I’m very proud if my team and I know this is one of the most important factors for our success. Out of the 432 employees of Game Wold 106 are working at Game World Bucharest Mall. Each and every new member of our team is carefully selected and trained by myself and by other managers as we know that the quality of services is key for our customers satisfaction. On the other hand I know that the staff’s performance is in line with the management style. There are 7 managers at Game World Bucharest Mall, including me, and all together we cumulate 93 years of work experience in this place, in spite of the relative young average age of our group, only 35 years old.

➤ Which was the most intense moment of your career so far at Game World Bucharest Mall?
Attila Torok (Otto): This is such a difficult question as there have been a lot of interesting and intense moments. Every day brings something special and it is impossible to say which was the most intense moment. I would however tell you the story of the Polaris airplane, the special prize of our promotion back in 2012. We agreed with the mall to exhibit the airplane inside the shopping center and we discovered it was a lot larger than the entrance doors. Therefor we had to dismantle the airplane outside, to introduce all the parts inside the mall and eventually to mount everything back. We have done all these operations in less than 8 hours and the airplane was a strong attraction for all the visitors of the mall.
➤ What message do you have for our readers?
Attila Torok (Otto): First of all I would like to say that all of us appreciate the high quality and the great content of Casino Life & Business Magazine. Then I would like to thank to all your readers for voting Game World Bucharest Mall as the best gambling hall in Romania in the last 3 years, 2014, 2015 and 2016. We were honoured to receiving this prize awarded by Casino Life & Business Magazine 3 years in a row and we are committed to fulfil your readers’ expectations also in the future. Thank you!


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