Another side of poker

Sadly, but it turns that gambling has also a less pleasant part, where some people are desperately trying to win by unorthodox means.

Cheating means any illegal action or any manipulation that does not comply with the game rules. In poker, cheating translates as marking the cards, sleight-of-hand, collusion, check-chopping or ratholing, among others. In order to cheat, you need to know the cards game inside out and to keep your demeanor. The methods to trick the other players are numerous and the creativity increases along with the money on the table.

Anything to win

The cheaters – or scammers – are those poker players who are going to great lenghts to win. Some of the most common methods to fraud is shorting the pot, hand-mucking or turning head to peek into the opponent’s cards.

A classical method is the cold deck during the game, when you need the help of two accomplices at the table. Another strategy is taking the cards of nine out of the deck (variant of hand-muck). He thus becomes the only one able to calculate the odds during a game where those four cards will never be played.

The three-to-one method is one of the easiest in cheating. There will be three players, plotting against and beating the fourth one.

The marked cards – this one needs great skills and training. The cheater will take four same cards out of the deck and then the rest of them will be filed lenghtwise so that they will be easily recognized during the cut.

The above are only a small number of ways to cheat that the players are using to win. Their imagination does not know any limits. As long as there are players who would at any time take shortcuts, cheating will be their faithful partner.

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