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The expansion of the largest gambling hall from Romania, Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan, after an investment of one million euro, as well as the numbers the company has reached today are placing the company among the leaders of the entertainment industry.
The indicators are showing a clearly ascendant trajectory: from 50 gambling posts, in 1999 to over 800 today and from 35 employees 20 years ago to over 400 this year.
The 2019 calendar comprises over 200 parties and events, with a record participation at the 20th anniversary party – around 2000 participants.

Game World, one of the local market gambling leaders, operating the largest slot machines gambling hall from the country, celebrated 20 years of activity in Romania, being one of the few companies from this sector with such a long continuity.

The company is marking two decades on the market by the inauguration, on October 1st, of the most modern area in a gambling hall from Romania, la Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan, result of some modernizing works as there have never been before. The largest gambling hall from Romania and probably from the Eastern Europe, is the first the company has started from 20 years ago, and the transformations it has gone through are clearly showing the entire history of Game World in Romania. During all this time the surface of the hall has increased over 8 times, from 300 square meters to about 2500, over 330 gambling posts being at the customers’ disposal today.

The largest gambling hall from Romania is getting even larger. After the one million euro investment from Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan, we put at the clients’ disposal a new area of the hall, with a special atmosphere, equipped with the most modern gambling and related equipments such as the two video walls with a surface of 20 square meters”, explains Attila Török, Strategy Manager at Game World.

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The most important moments from the company’s history:
1999 inauguration of Game World București Mall Vitan
2005 inauguration of Game World Calea Moșilor Bucharest
2007 inauguration of Game World Alba Iulia
2008 inauguration of Game World Constanta, Game World Brasov, Game World Bucharest Liberty Center
2010 inauguration of Game World Sun Plaza Bucharest
2014 Expansion of Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan, which becomes the largest gambling hall from Romania
2017 Relocation and expansion of Game World Constanța, ca which becomes the largest gambling hall outside Bucharest
2019 the expansion of Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan with a 1 million euro investment

In the last years, Game World has adjusted its business strategy by the diversification of its offers and services. We are an experienced entertainment supplier and offer our clients the atmosphere, facilities and a large range of socializing and entertainment options. For example, the 2019 calendar includes over 200 parties and events with different themes and attractions for our clients. On September 20th we have celebrated 20 years of activity in Romania with parties appreciated by a record number of participants, around 2.000, in Bucharest and over 800, at Constanta. The terraces for smokers, the bars and leisure and socializing areas from the gambling halls, the valet parking service of the elevators for a more comfortable access are other elements through which we respond to our clients’ preferences”, says Attila Török.

On the occasion of the 20 years of existence of Game World Romania, the company will also offer 20 private scholarships for Psychology students, in a program called “Game World Scholarships”.

This program, a unique initiative on the niche market from Romania, is at its first annual edition and adds to the set of actions of Social Corporate Responsibility performed by the company. The scholarships are completing the support which Game World gives to the education campaign of the youth within «Trained for Majority», as well as to the Program «Responsible Gambling», intended at supporting the persons which are facing gambling issues and the promotion of a responsible attitude towards gambling. The company is also a traditional partner of Hospice Casa Speranței”, declared Andrei Frimescu, Marketing and PR Manager of Game World.

Game World is passing thus in its third decade of existence as a company prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, offering its clients a rich and varied entertainment experience, in a safe, pleasant and relaxing environment.

Game World Romania is one of the representative companies on the market of entertainment centers from Romania, having as field of activity the organization and exploitation of electronic gambling halls. The brand Game World is present in Bucharest and in three important cities from the country, Constanta, Brasov and Alba Iulia, and at international level in Romania, Slovakia, Republic of Moldova and Croatia. In Romania, the company started its activity in September 1999, with the first gambling hall Game World, in Bucharest Mall Vitan, which is at the moment the largest in the country.