Dress your feelings today! Inga Valerie

Dress your feelings today!

This is my motto and this is where the creation begins.

I noticed that women in Romania dress with a lot of taste and elegance. I also saw that they had the courage to try styles they might not have thought of before. They are open to the new and wear it with confidence! All this helped me in the creation process and I opted for regular fit cuts, but also wide ones such as bomber jackets.

I like to transform, to recreate seemingly elegant pieces of clothing, but which you can also wear sports or vice versa. For example, an elegant velvet dress can be easily transformed into a sports-style item of clothing, or a piece with an army print can enjoy a special note of elegance, even if you never thought that this transformation was possible. ! An example of this is the matching trousers with a velvet blouse with a bare back of the same type.

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I like to work with leather, so in each of my collections you will find a piece of clothing made of this material. Leather items can be worn regardless of the season, and with proper care, you can enjoy your favorite clothes for a long time. Whether you choose a dress or an overalls, long or short pants, the chic rock style will highlight everyone’s strengths!

Dress your feelings today!
Inga Valerie

A real challenge was to create uniforms for my husband’s network of gambling halls. Having a free hand to make my mark in their design, at the same time I had to combine the aesthetic part with comfort and functionality. Thus, I managed to produce a collection of chic utility uniforms, which highlights the connection between form and utility – boldness and remark.

In conclusion, I recommend you wear what you like! Wear what makes you feel yourself! No compromises and no regrets!

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The Successful People Gala is an annual event that rewards successful people in Romania and their successes. In 2020, among the winners was the Inga Valerie brand, along with its creator, who also offered a presentation of the new Inga Valerie collection for autumn – winter 2020.

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