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Land-based Live Casino at Palace Casino – Casa Vernescu by Andreea Ion – Marketing&PR Manager

And here we come to the end of the year, a 2019 year-end in which the Palace has gone through many experiences. From Management changes, to different decisions and concepts for the gambling market in Romania.
It is by far the best year, a real evolution of the turnover, closely linked to a major investment in the services and the client’s final experience. The most important aspects in the development of a business are customer safety and employee safety briefly, brand trust. Considering that in the last year, 2 more casinos have closed permanently, with more than 200 employees each, there is a mistrust – somehow justified by the actions of the market – in this field. We often get this question: why do they close? Aren’t there enough customers? And every time we answer honestly: there is no logic between the huge fees charged and the business style. If the fee charged depends on the number of tables and a table has a limited number of players, it means that in Bucharest we should have a lot of people betting very large amounts. It is exactly this aspect that is not understood, the fact that the gambling field has come to be promoted as entertainment, but it cannot develop as entertainment under the pressure of such taxes. We want the competent bodies to understand the situation in the future, and to find a way to not permanently close this type of business. The year 2019 was marked by important events and a stronger brand exposure than usual. We have chosen this type of marketing in order to be visible for all existing players but also to those who play only online and still want to discover the true adrenaline experience. We want the game to become more and more responsible; customers are now able to better manage their money allocated to this type of fun. It is very important to know when to say STOP. The rule applies everywhere, not just in gambling.
For 2020, we will clearly analyze the market demands. The major differences appeared in our case when we decided to be radical in terms of certain market practices, which, although they seemed difficult to implement, were easier than we had thought. Somehow, normality demands its rights.
The year 2020 brings promise of growth as well as the honor to celebrate 25 years of the Palace Casino brand. Although during these years there were periods when the Palace did not function as a casino, the brand was born for the Palace, and we carry it on. We know for sure that we will celebrate it on April 4th, when the prizes worth 250,000 lei come together with an evening full of events.
We are expecting for you all on December 14th, at a Christmas party where we will discover Santa’s gifts, but also New Year’s Eve, when the Palace welcomes the Fabulous 2020 with the most interesting entertainment moments!
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The Palace Casino team thanks you for joining us in 2019, and we wish you all, customers, contributors or readers: Happy and Lucky Holidays!

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