Casino Guru Launches “Safer Gambling Talks” Webinar Series with Šimon Vincze

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Casino Guru, the world’s premier independent online casino resource, proudly announces the launch of its new webinar series, “Safer Gambling Talks.” This innovative series aims to delve into the critical aspects of safer gambling within the industry, addressing jurisdictional nuances and universal consumer protection standards.

“Safer Gambling Talks” is dedicated to fostering a highly responsible gambling environment by engaging with experts and industry leaders. The series will explore various topics, focusing on creating a more sustainable and commercially viable gambling industry that prioritizes player protection.

In the premiere episode, Šimon Vincze, Casino Guru’s Head of Sustainable & Safer Gambling, engages in an insightful discussion with Dr. Margaret Carran, Associate Professor in Law and Associate Dean (Education) at The City Law School of City, University of London. The conversation centers on improving self-exclusion practices within the gambling industry, aiming to enhance player protection across different markets. The episode is available on Casino Guru News YouTube channel.

Šimon Vincze, a staunch advocate for responsible gambling, leads Casino Guru’s efforts in sustainable and safer gambling. He spearheads the Global Self-Exclusion Initiative, driving forward best practices in player protection and operator responsibility. Recognizing gaps in existing tools, Šimon is committed to ensuring a safer gambling environment for all.

Highlights of the First Episode:

Topic: Self-Exclusion Practices and Standards

Guests: Dr. Margaret Carran, Associate Professor in Law, City University of London

Focus: The Self-Exclusion Standards project and its efforts to create internationally applicable best practices based on academic research and existing evidence.

About the Self-Exclusion Standards Project:

The Self-Exclusion Standards project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at developing a set of recommendations for effective self-exclusion practices globally. The project involves multiple stages, including academic research and analysis of existing evidence, to ensure the recommendations are well-founded and impactful.

Casino Guru, a leading authority in the gambling industry, is known for its commitment to advocating responsible gambling practices. Through initiatives like the “Safer Gambling Talks” webinar series, Casino Guru continues to influence the industry positively, promoting a safer and more sustainable gambling environment.

For more information and to watch the first episode of “Safer Gambling Talks,” visit the Casino Guru News YouTube channel.

Casino Guru Launches “Safer Gambling Talks” Webinar Series with Šimon Vincze

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