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Technology empowerment comes with great responsibilities!

Alexandru Petrescu, Senior Vice-President Big Cyber:
Technology empowerment comes with great cyber security responsibilities!
Never gamble the cyber well-being of your players or the cyber sanity of your operation!

Cyber-attacks in the gaming sector have increased by 167% in the last year, according to industry sources. Both Europe and the United States are the main targets for attackers, followed by Australia, Japan and India. Gaming is the industry hit by the most distributed denial-of-services (DDoS) attacks globally, accounting for 35% of all DDoS traffic worldwide.
BIG Cyber’s advanced technology and military trained defense professionals can help reduce the risk of a cyber-attack!
BIG Cyber
is very pleased to be attending EAE by EXPO24 in its 14th year. EAE is one of the most important Eastern European B2B events for the casino and sports betting industry, bringing together top manufacturers and distributors, pan-European and world-wide operators, as well local and international visitors.
The BIG Cyber team will be providing in-depth cyber security knowledge, expertise and advice in relation to the gaming industry. The team is looking forward to in-depth discussions with decision makers, technology enthusiasts, specialists and champions of the regional casino and sports betting industry at this prestigious event.

Amit Sharma

BIG Cyber’s superior systems and elite militarytrained special force of cyber defense professionals can help maintain a safe digital environment for the entire gambling ecosystem. From players to operators, manufacturers to software developers, industry authorities to audit and certification companies, our aim is to keep the global gaming industry far from the reach of cyber menace.
BIG Cyber is proud to work with, and protect, many companies across the gaming and gambling industry, as well as organizations with critical infrastructures, both in Europe and United States.

Cybercrime and the gaming industry

As gaming activity has increased and evolved, so has the value of disrupting it through cyber-attacks. Over the last 24 months there has been a massive jump in technology across the entire global gaming industry. This unparalleled technology acceleration, an authentic leap forward, has changed gaming dramatically.
The popularity of online casinos has grown over the years as advanced technology continues to reach new heights. Currently, the online gambling market is valued at over $59 billion and is predicted to be worth $92.9 billion by 2023. Online casinos capitalize greatly on the internet’s global acceptance, and while it has led to much growth, there remains one big challenge to address: CYBERCRIME.
Online gambling poses specific risks to the heavily regulated and protected gaming industry, but battling these threats also represents the next step in gambling’s development. Undoubtedly, online gambling is entertaining, as long as your information and money is protected.

Dafydd Williams

Whether online or in physical casinos, an operator’s goal is to always to give the clients what they want. Aside from providing a high level of customer service, fine dining, rewards programs and incentives, the primary motivation is to provide the best gaming entertainment while also protecting the casino’s operation and, of course, the player’s data and money. In 2022, players are not only engaging one another in multiplayer gameplay dynamics, but also interacting via chat apps and video chat. This generates the feeling of being in an actual casino from the comfort and familiarity of a player’s home. As a result of this online activity, the industry has experienced a significant increase in cyber vulnerabilities.
It’s estimated that more than 60 million Americans have fallen victim to at least one scam – a staggering figure. Europeans will reach similar numbers by 2024.

For a free Risk Assessment for your online or land-based casino, please contact:

Crypto Currency

A major increase in cyber-attacks recently has been generated through the high usage of crypto currency. Crypto brought anonymity to the gambling world and it is virtually untraceable, because personal information is not tied to the digital currency. This has allowed many players from around the world to access and play in online gambling games in regions that were originally restricted and outlawed. This has also led to a rise in online gambling sites in places that have banned physical casinos.
For example, a country like Taiwan or a region like the Middle East, with strict regulations, is now seeing a rapid growth of online gambling sites which take cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Sites engage players to peruse and enjoy gaming through a variety of online casinos that accept Bitcoin. This demand will continue to grow over the next few years as online casinos become more confident in promoting game play with crypto.
Tapping this under-served market is now a primary concern because of the large volume of potential revenue that can be taken from these markets. Current trends, increasing because of low regulatory conformity and lack of cyber risk awareness, create vulnerabilities to the overall industry. At worst, it could eventually corrupt worldwide gaming activities as cyber incidents spread easily at a rate that cannot be matched by human vigilance.
Cyber-criminals know there is value in gaming and they will continue to invent ways of infiltrating systems or exploiting the flow of virtual funds.

At BIG Cyber we blend an unparalleled level of diverse expertise in practical cyber security, with a unique understanding of the gambling sector.
BIG Cyber is powered by the BMM Innovation Group of Companies. We have exceptional understanding of the regulatory environment across worldwide jurisdictions and work with the latest technology available within the cyber security sector.

Never gamble the cyber well-being of your players or the cyber sanity of your operation!
Please visit us at EAE.

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